How to Import Tabs from Chrome to Firefox and Vice-Versa


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. But for those who don’t like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is a worthy alternative. Both have their share of pros and cons. That’s why sometimes people choose to use both of the browsers to utilize their features.

However, when it comes to moving tabs between two different browsers, both of the browsers lack proper integration. You can manually copy and paste the URL from one browser to another, but the process can get tedious especially when the list of tabs is in double digits.

This is where a browser extension named OneTab comes handy. With OneTab, you can take all of your tabs in the browser window and put them into a single list on a webpage. Then you can just copy the webpage URL and paste it on the other browser to get the same list of tabs. Using this extension will decrease your CPU load and save up to 95% of memory because of the reduced number of tabs open in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If you want to know more about switching tabs between Chrome and Firefox, continue reading this article as we have provided detailed instructions on how to import tabs from Chrome to Firefox and vice versa.

Adding OneTab in Chrome and Firefox browser

  • Add OneTab in Google Chrome
  • Add OneTab in Mozilla Firefox

Add OneTab in Google Chrome

OneTab makes it simple and easy to import tabs from Chrome to Firefox and the other way around. But first, you have to download and add the OneTab extension in your browser. Here’s how to do it on Chrome:

  1. To get started, open a new tab in Google Chrome by clicking the + icon.
  2. Now click on the URL bar on top of the browser window and paste this URL:
  3. Hit Enter (⏎) to get redirected to the OneTab browser extension page in Chrome Web Store.
  4. Once the browser extension page loads up, click on the blue rectangular button labeled Add to Chrome.
  5. You will receive a pop-up to add ‘OneTab’ in the Chrome browser. Click ‘Add extension’ to successfully add the extension in Chrome.

Add OneTab in Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox users, here’s how to add OneTab extension:

  1. First, click the + icon on top of the browser window to open a new tab.
  2. Click on the address bar and paste the following URL: Hit Enter (⏎) to head over to the OneTab extension page in Firefox Add-ons.  
  3. Click the ‘+ Add to Firefox’ button. Similar to Chrome, a pop-up will show up asking you to give permission to OneTab for accessing your browser tabs. Click Add to add the extension in Firefox.

Importing Tabs Between Chrome and Firefox

If you have successfully added the OneTab extension in your browser, follow this guide to learn how to use it:

  1. Once you have installed OneTab, you will see the extension logo in the Chrome browser’s toolbar at the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the logo to open OneTab. You will see a list of your browser tabs on the page. (Note: This will close your existing tabs in the browser window.)
  3. Click the ‘Export/Import URLs’ link on the right side of the page.
  4. You will see a list of all the browser tabs in the Export URLs section. Copy the list on your clipboard.
  5. Now, open Firefox and click on the OneTab icon in the browser toolbar.
  6. Select Export/Import URLs from the list of options.
  7. Click on Import URLs, paste the copied list of tabs in the text field, and click Import.
  8. You will see the same list of tabs that you had opened in Chrome. Finally, click on ‘Restore all’ to open all of the tabs in a new browser window at once.
  9. In case you want to share the list of tabs to another person, click ‘Share as a web page’ and send the OneTab webpage URL to the person. If you want to open a specific tab, just right-click on it and select ‘Open link in a new tab’.

If you want to move tabs from Mozilla to Chrome, you can do it by repeating the same steps mentioned above in this guide.

Final Words

If you are a heavy multitasker, especially when it comes to web browsing, OneTab is a must-have extension for your browser. Not only it replaces the inferior copy-pasting method but it also frees up hardware resources for a fast and smooth web-browsing experience. You can also use OneTab to back-up your session. So next time you open your web browser, you can continue from where you left off before.

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