How To Import Structures In Your Minecraft World


There’s no doubt that Minecraft is the best sandbox game of all time. In 2019, Minecraft marked its 10th anniversary, and it became one of the most-watched games on YouTube last year. The player count is at an all-time high, with 200 million copies of Minecraft sold as of May 2020.

One of the best things about Minecraft is not only its procedurally generated worlds and biomes but also the flexible slash commands that let players have total control over the game. You can even install mods, texture packs, resource packs, behavior packs, shaders, and do many more things with your Minecraft world.

However, one thing that many of you don’t know about Minecraft is that it allows you to import pre-built structures in your world with Structure Block and commands, which is super useful in case you are working on a creative world on a massive scale. In addition, it works on both the Java and Bedrock Edition of Minecraft 1.10 or later versions.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can import structures in your Minecraft world with a step-by-step tutorial. It’s relatively easy to understand, and you can try it out yourselves.

Save structures in Minecraft Java world

If you are on Java Edition, the first thing you have to do is save the structure that you want to export to your survival or a creative world. Here’s how to do it:

Place the first Structure Block

  1. First, load up your preferred world and Press Esc to go to the game menu.

    Game menu
  2. Select the Open to LAN option, turn on Allow Cheats, and click Start LAN World.

    Allow Cheats
  3. Now open up the chat bar and type in this command: /give [Your Minecraft username] minecraft:structure_block

    Type the command in chat box
  4. After that, press Enter to give yourself a Structure Block.

    Give yourself a Structure Block
  5. Now place a Structure Block at the corner of the structure. Make sure to put it one block lower than the structure. Otherwise, the bottom portion will be cut off.

    Example of placing the first Structure Block
  6. Now right-click the Structure Block to program it. The program mode will be set to Data by default. Click it and switch to the Corner option.

    Corner Mode menu
  7. Enter a name for the structure and click Done.

If you do it as instructed, then you should see the Structure Block changing its appearance.

Place the second Structure Block

  1. Place the next Structure Block one or two blocks higher than the structure at the opposite corner. If it’s a tower-like structure, then you have to place it a block above the tower’s maximum height.

    Example of placing the second Structure Block
  2. Next, program it in Corner mode and use the same name for the structure as the first Structure Block.

    Corner Mode menu
  3. Click Done to save the programmed Structure Block.

Save the structure using another Structure Block

Once you put two of the Structure Blocks at both corners of your preferred structure, follow the steps below to save it.

  1. Place another Structure Block nearby, then set it to Save mode.

    You can put it anywhere you want
  2. Enter the name of the structure that you previously entered, and toggle the Include entities option to ON.

    Save Mode menu
  3. Click Detect to check the structure size and position.

    Click Detect to detect structure size and position
  4. You should see a white outline around the whole structure. Make sure that it’s covering every block of the structure that you want to save.

    Notice the outline around the structure
  5. Now right-click the third Structure Block and click SAVE.

    Save the structure
The structure should be saved here

If you did everything correctly, you should see the “Structure saved as [structure name]” message. You can access the saved structure from the saves > [world name] > generated > minecraft > structures folder in your Minecraft Java Edition installation folder. It should be saved as a .nbt file.

If you are looking for pre-built structures, just search for them on Google. Websites like this offer a lot of creative structures that you can import to your world. Make sure to move the downloaded .nbt file to the structures folder of the world save you want to import the structure into.

Import structures in Minecraft Java world

Now that you have a structure file, the following steps will show you how you can import it to another world in Minecraft Java Edition:

  1. First, go to your Minecraft installation directory. You can do it by pressing Windows + R keys on your keyboard, type %appdata%\.minecraft, and click OK.

    Run window
  2. Now open saves > [world save] > generated > minecraft > structures, and copy the .nbt file that you created earlier.

    Copy the .nbt file
  3. Next, go to the world save directory that you want to import the structure to, and create these folders one by one: generated > minecraft > structures. Do this only if you don’t see the folders in the world save directory.
  4. Paste the .nbt file in the structures folder, then load up the world in Minecraft.

    Paste it to the ‘structures’ folder of your preferred world save directory
  5. Choose where you want to place the structure in the world, then give yourself a Structure Block by using the same command we mentioned earlier. Make sure that cheats are enabled in the world.

    Get a Structure Block in the other Minecraft world
  6. Now place the Structure Block in your preferred place, and right-click it. Make sure to put it one block further down the surface.

    Example of placing the structure block
  7. Set the Structure Block to Load mode, and enter the name of the structure that you want to import. Note that you won’t have to enter the “.nbt” in the name.

    Type in the structure name without the .nbt extension
  8. Toggle ON the Include Entities option, then click LOAD.

    Do the following
  9. You should now see the outlined box of the structure. Make sure that it’s on the correct place where you want it to be, then right-click the Structure Block once again.

    Example of the outlined box of the structure
  10. Click Load in the Structure Block menu. The structure will be successfully imported into your world.

    The structure should load up like this

If you want to import more structures in your Minecraft world, you can follow the same steps again. It’s worth noting that the maximum structure size you can save and import is 48x48x48 in Java Edition.

Import structures in Minecraft Bedrock world

The Structure Block in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is quite limited in features compared to the Java Edition. With creative mode and cheats enabled in your Bedrock Edition world, you can type this command: /give @s structure_block to give yourself a Structure Block. However, you can only clone structures in the same world using Save and Load modes.

Structure Block menu in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

There’s an Export option as well, which exports the structure as a .mcstructure file. At the time of this writing, even the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition (1.16.2) doesn’t let players import it to another world. The feature is expected to be rolled out with a future update.

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