How To Get The Potent Robe

Looking for the Potent Robe in Baldur’s Gate 3? Here is where to find it.

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Clothing in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the go-to armor alternative for most spellcasters in the game. Classes that lack proficiency in Light, Medium, or Heavy Armor resort to Clothing for their Armor Class needs.



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The Potent Robe is a quest reward obtained from completing the Rescue the Tieflings quest and talking to Alfira in the Last Light Inn (Act 2) for the reward. It is a very rare Clothing most suited for Charisma-based spellcasters.

How To Obtain The Potent Robe

wyll wearing the potent robe in bg3

To complete the Rescue The Tielfings quest, here is what you need to do:

  1. Players need to have saved the refugees and killed the three Goblin leaders in Act 1 for this quest to trigger in Act 2.
  2. In Act 2, make your way to the Last Light Inn and save Isobel from being taken away or killed by Marcus the Flaming Fist. Otherwise, the Last Light Inn is destroyed alongside everyone in it.
  3. Talk to Cerys, one of the Tiefling refugees at the Inn, to trigger the quest. She will inform you that the Tieflings you saved in Act 1 have been ambushed and captured. They’re most likely at Moonrise Towers.
  4. Travel to Moonrise Towers and locate its prison in the basement.
  5. Talk to Wulbren, a Deep Gnome and a prisoner, and help him escape the prison by giving him a bludgeoning weapon without being seen by any guards. Wulbren will break every Tiefling out of the prison as well.
  6. Kill the guards or stall for time. The goal is to get the Tieflings and Deep Gnome to the boat.
  7. Once all Tieflings are at the boat, a cutscene will trigger with all the prisoners escaping Moonrise Towers.
  8. Return to Last Light Inn and talk to Alfira to obtain the final reward, the Potent Robe.

Pay special attention to Lakrissa during the prison escape and make sure she is not killed. She is Alfira’s romantic partner, and Alfira will not give you the Potent Robe if she is killed.

How Good Is The Potent Robe

potent robe in bg3

The Potent Robe is one of the most powerful spellcaster robes in the entire game, with three special effects to its name.

  • Gregarious Caster: Adds the wearer’s Charisma modifier to their Cantrips damage rolls.
  • Well-Liked and Well-Fortified: Adds the wearer’s Charisma modifier to their Health Pool at the start of a turn in combat. The extra health doesn’t expire after combat is over.
  • Armor Class +1

Potent Robe is the best mid-game Clothing for any Charisma-based spellcaster. The Classes that benefit the most from wearing the Potent Robe are:

While Paladins are also technically Charisma spellcasters, they are much better served by Heavy Armor unless you base their entire build around the Potent Robe.

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