How to Get Free Spins in Coin Master Game and Collect Point | No Hack


Coin Master Game is the strategy game where you get the points of making villages, and those villages are built by using coins, and coins are earned by using the spinning the slot machine. When you will start the game you will get 5 spins and you will get 5 more spins every hour.
You can earn spins too by watching ads, and by inviting your friends using the referral link. You can also connect with Facebook where you can see your progress and compete with your friends and make the game more interesting.
There are many methods through you can more spins other than the 5 spins you get every hour. Through these methods, you can get unlimited free spins by following simple steps and you will able to beat your friend’s score with ease, boost your game and increase your game levels quickly. In this article, I will tell you four working methods to get free spins in coin master game and collect points.

Get Free spins by inviting friends:

This method is one of the popular methods not for this game only but for other games also. Coin Master game allows you to send the referral link to the other people who are not members of this game. You can send an unlimited number of invitations at any time. When anyone of your friends accepts the invitation and start playing the game, then you will get 25 extra spins for the acceptance of only one invitation. As I have already told you that you can send any number of invitations, so you can get maximum spins through this methods easily, if your only 5 friends start playing this game through this invitation, then you will 125 extra spin and 5 just a small number, every people has hundreds of friends, this is one of the easiest method by which you can spins as reward.

Get Free Spins by creating multiple Facebook Accounts:

Everyone knows what the Facebook is, and everyone knows how to use it. This method will tell you about how to earn free spins using Facebook. You just have to create multiple Facebook accounts, which is not a tough job. You can get about 200 spins by creating 5 Facebook accounts daily, but it doesn’t mean that you should start creating lot of Facebook account by doing this you will get block by the moonactive team.

Get Free Spins by watching videos:

You will get free spins through this method easily. You just have to watch video ads, most of the games use this method to distribute free coins or points by displaying videos ads at the users display. You can get more ads by doing a simple trick, you just have to go to the setting of your Smartphone and change the date of your phone to one day later. After doing this you will get 4 video ads for the spin and 5 video ads for the coins. After completing this task you can repeat this method to get more and more spins and coins too.

Get Free Spins by downloading apps:

This is another method through which you can get spins and coins too. In the game, you would see a buy option, click on that button and you will see another option “get free coins and spins”. Click on that option and download the apps of your choice. You will get about 500K coins or maybe 1 spins. You have to download apps to earn the spins. And you will get spins as much as you download the apps from here. You can also help other player and also get help from other players as well.
Through these tricks, you can get free spins and coins. But there is not any method by which anyone can get the unlimited number of spins and coins. If some of the tricks or methods trying to get you free unlimited spins. Then those tricks will definitely fake, these type of sites just trying attracts the users.
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