How to get fibrous herbs, nuts and bolts, and bacon in Fortnite


Fortnite is one of the best Battle Royale game ever exist in this gaming world which features engaging gameplay. Similar to other battle royale games, here also you need to survive in a battlefield until the last to become the winner. But to survive in the game until last, you need to have good weapons, strategy, and most importantly some items which helps you to become the winner.

Fortnite comes with tons of items which can be collected throughout the game which on combining together make some awesome rare items. Out of different items found on Fortnite, fibrous herbs, nuts and bolts, and bacon are the most important one. However, most of the players face difficulty while finding these items, and so, to help those players this article describes the easiest way to find and collect some fibrous herbs, nuts and bolts, and bacon.

>> Talking about the fibrous herbs – this is one of the most easily collectible and important items available in the game. One can easily find the fibrous herbs by searching bushes and flowers on the ground. You can even find them in the desert areas where few of the bushes have this item. You just have to do expeditions all around the maps and can collect hundreds of fibrous herbs in different plants. Fibrous herbs are so much important because this is used to make the most important trap in the game called Gas traps.

>> Now coming to the second item of our list which is Nuts and Bolts. These are one of the most important and most used items in the game. Nuts and Bolts can be used to craft different types of ammo and traps in the game which you can use against your enemies. But finding these items is not an easy task as they have no specific location where they are mostly found.

However, with some good sets of outlanders setup, you can easily collect hundreds of  Nuts and Bolts in the game. As per our point of view, Archeologist is the best outlanders setup to find nuts and bolts.  Even there are some places like Industrial Zone or City Zone where you can get tons of Nuts and Bolts just by punching cars and other metallic bodies.

>> Now coming to the last item in our list which is bacon. At first sight, you may be thinking that these are some silly items made available in the game. But as soon as you grow in the game, you’ll find this is the most important crafting material available in the game. How? Well, Bacon is the main crafting material which you have to use while crafting Energy cell.

One of the easiest ways to collect bacon is from the vending machines while the alternate way to find bacon in the game is from the searchable containers either be it toilets or any other junk container. Just punch them and you’ll get bacon out from them. So, just collect them utilize them to craft energy cell as well as gas traps.

So, these are some ways in which you can easily collect hundreds of fibrous herbs, nuts and bolts, and bacon daily. So, follow this guide and collect these crafting items and craft some of the rare items in the game to remove your odds of survival in the game.

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