How to Get American Netflix on Mac


You’ve had a complete clean sweep of your local Netflix library on your Mac and now there is nothing new to watch. But did you know that the American Netflix library has tons and tons of content and some of the most amazing titles? And the best part is you can access it on your Mac no matter wherever you are. However, to get the American Netflix library there is a workaround which requires the use of a VPN service, takes a look at how to get American Netflix on Mac.

What is a VPN service and how does it get you American Netflix?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that encrypts your data so that it is protected from any kind of exposure to criminals and hackers. Even if they get their hands on your data it will be completely useless to them as it will be encrypted.

Furthermore, a great feature of VPN is that it can replace your IP address. Your IP address determines your physical location. So if you want to access the American Netflix all you have to do is connect your VPN to an American server and you’re all set to watch American Netflix as your IP has been changed. Now when you visit Netflix, the systems at the backend of the website will recognize you as visiting from within the U.S and will open for you the American version of Netflix.

However, not all VPN services are capable to do so as the systems installed at Netflix are pretty strong and it’s not an easy task to bypass them. Only the very finest VPN services are able to do so.

How to Get American Netflix on Mac

It is quite simple to get American Netflix on your Mac, provided that you have a VPN service like Surfshark that can easily bypass the geo-restrictions implied by Netflix.

Follow the below steps to get American Netflix on Mac:

  1. Sign in to your VPN service.
  2. From the list of servers, connect to and American server.
  3. Once connected to an American server, visit Netflix.
  4. You will now be viewing American Netflix.

Our Recommended VPN services

There are tons of VPN services available in market however, only a few are able to unblock American Netflix. Here are our top recommended VPN services:

Surfshark- Best affordable VPN for U.S Netflix

If you’re searching for a VPN that is easy on your pocket but has all the premium features, then Surfshark is the right choice for you! It offers 500+ servers in 20+ United States cities and a total of 1700+ servers in 63 countries. It has an amazing user interface that’s pretty easy to use for anyone along with many other security features to protect your online privacy.

PureVPN – High number of U.S servers

PureVPN is a state of the art VPN service with around 500 servers in the U.S along with a dedicated streaming dashboard where you can access many streaming platforms with the simple click of a button. In total it has 2,000+ servers in more than 140 countries. It offers dedicated streaming servers which ensure seamless streaming quality.

ExpressVPN – Fastest Speeds for U.S Netflix

ExpressVPN is the most credible name in the VPN industry, it is known for its blazing fast speeds. It offers 30+ US servers and 3000+ servers in 90+ countries. Although it is a little expensive but the quality of service is worth the price.

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