How To Find The Stim Canister Upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been quite a surprise for the Star Wars fans out there. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was a disastrous failure because of its horrible campaign, bug-riddled multiplayer, and micro transaction-based upgrades. Compared to that, Fallen Order is looking pretty good in terms of the story, gameplay mechanics, and offline character upgrades.

Taking place five years after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, you play as a young Jedi named Cal Kestis, hunted by an Inquisitor known as the Second Sister. We won’t reveal too many details because of big spoilers.

Now, the game takes its inspiration from games like Dark Souls and Sekiro, focusing on exploration and melee combat. Sometimes it gets too difficult to survive in a fight, and you struggle to recover your health. However, you can use the BD-1’s Stim Canisters to replenish your health points in between a fight. By default, you can only carry two canisters at a time. If you run out of canisters, then returning back to the nearby meditation site is the only way to recover your lost health.

Luckily the game allows you to upgrade the limit of stim canister capacity so that you can carry more on your journey and heal yourself without making the enemies respawn by meditating. You can continue reading this guide as we walk you through the stim canister upgrade crate paths in Fallen Order.

Getting Started

As you go through each of the planets in Fallen Order, you will find crates with items in it. These items are just mostly cosmetic, like a new outfit or a new lightsaber hilt. However, if you encounter a yellow crate, then it is an upgrade.

Inside yellow crates, you will find stim canister upgrades, which increase the carrying capacity of stim canisters by one. These crates are incredibly scarce, with one or two on each planet. These are also strategically placed in locations you won’t even notice or require the player to solve a puzzle.

You will find the locations of every stim canister upgrade sorted by planets below. There are eight stim canister upgrade crates, which means you can carry a maximum of 10 stim canisters (you start with 2).

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Stim Canister Upgrades

  1. Zeffo Stim Canister Upgrades
  2. Bogano Stim Canister Upgrades
  3. Kashyyyk Stim Canister Upgrades
  4. Dathomir Stim Canister Upgrades

Zeffo Stim Canister Upgrades

In Zeffo, the first upgrade crate won’t require you to use any abilities. But the other ones need your abilities to acquire.

Upgrade #1

  • After you land on Zeffo, you will encounter two Scazz (rat-like creatures) chewing a dead Stormtrooper.
  • A group of Scazz will attack you. Once you manage to kill them, you should notice a cave entrance on the right.
  • At the end of the cave, you will find the yellow stim canister upgrade crate.

Upgrade #2

  • As you head through the tunnel that connects Zeffo’s Crash Site and Venator Wreckage areas, you will notice a stim canister upgrade up on a ledge.
  • However, you have to unlock the Force Push, Force Pull, and Jedi Flip powers in order to obtain it. That’s why it is going to be one of the last stim canister upgrade crates you will get.

Upgrade #3

  • You can reverse zip-line over to another zip-line from the central bridge to reach the meditation site in the Imperial Dig.
  • If you look to your left while on the first zip-line, you will see a tapered wall. It is breakable with either Force Push or Force Pull.
  • To reach the platform that connects to the area behind the wall, you need to have the Flip Jump ability. It’s because you will have to Flip Jump out of the first zip-line back towards the flat platform, instead of jumping over to the second zip-line.

Upgrade #4

  • After you explore the Tomb of Miktrull, you will exit the Imperial Dig Site from a new path. This includes Force Pulling a rope, jumping over a steam vent, and riding a reverse zip-line.
  • Once you land from the zip-line, you should spot the stim canister upgrade crate to your right as you make your way to the slope.

Bogano Stim Canister Upgrades

Even though you technically visit the Bogano planet before Zeffo, both of the Bogano stim canister crates require ability or upgrade.

Upgrade #5

  • For the first crate in Bogano, you will need the wall-run ability. You will unlock it shortly before reaching the Jedi Vault.
  • When you unlock the wall-run ability, go back to Bogano’s first meditation site near the Mantis landing zone.
  • After that, search for a path to the left. It requires you to wall-run and kill the three beetle-like Splox creatures you encounter.
  • Once you manage to defeat the Splox, climb down into the nearby hole, where you will find a stim canister upgrade crate.

Upgrade #6

  • For the second stim canister crate, you will need the Force Push ability. You will unlock it on planet Zeffo’s Tomb of Eilram.
  • When you unlock it, return to the Mantis landing site on Bogano. Look for a circular slopy ramp that leads down to a lower area.
  • In the lower area, you will find a giant sphere that needs you to use your Force Push ability and push it onto a trigger mechanism. However, a large fence stands between the sphere area and the player.
  • Since you can’t get close to the sphere, you will need to channel your force correctly and the right angle to launch the sphere around a curving ramp onto the trigger mechanism.
  • The fence gate will unlock once you successfully manage to do it, where you will the stim canister upgrade crate.

Kashyyyk Stim Canister Upgrades

In Kashyyyk, you will find only one canister upgrade crate. Also, you have to progress through the story until you meet Wookie Chieftain Tarfful on the planet of Kashyyyk.

Upgrade #7

  • When you meet Tarfful in the Origin Lake Area, there’s a point where you have to climb up to a ledge leading into the Shadowlands region.
  • As you enter the Shadowlands, turn around to spot the stim canister upgrade crate. Simply jump across the Lung Plants to reach the crate location.

Dathomir Stim Canister Upgrades

You will find a single canister upgrade crate in Dathomir, just like Kashyyyk.

Upgrade #8

  • Proceed through the planet of Dathomir via the recommended route. You have to follow the route until you unlock the Climbing Claws upgrade and receive the ‘Enter the Crumbling Ruins’ mission.
  • Before you go through the ruins, take the optional path to the right. Follow the road until you encounter a mini-boss.
  • You will also find a ramp to slide down. Navigate through the path to get to the stim canister upgrade crate.

Wrapping Up

In this guide, we have provided a full walkthrough to help you find every stim canister upgrade in the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game. While you are here, be sure to check out the other game guides on TechCodex. We have a Death Stranding guide for obtaining Sam’s backpack cover.

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