How to Find (& Defeat) Alektryon The Legendary Rooster in Immortals Fenyx Rising


Fenyx must find and defeat four legendary monsters found in the Valley of Eternal Spring. One of them is Alektryon the Legendary Rooster.

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, Typhon will stop at nothing to warp the world into its image including the many creatures that inhabit it. Among these beasts, a notorious few have become even more powerful than the threat they already posed some of ancient Greece’s greatest champions.

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As usual, Zeus in Fenyx Rising seems to have a dodgy history with everyone and everything within the Greek pantheon, including Alektryon. In this case, he simply hates the monster rooster because it once woke him up while he had a mean hangover. Here’s how players can find and defeat Alektryon, once a pet to Helios.

How to Find and Defeat Alektryon in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising_Alektryon Location

Alektryon the Legendary Rooster is one of four legendary animals Aphordite has tasked Fenyx with exterminating. All four are located within the Valley of Eternal spring, and have a quest icon above them in the shape of a golden apple. Alektryon can be found on a peninsula west of the region; The Palace of Aphrodite is located here as well. Towards the bottom right, on a cliff outside the palace walls, Alektryon can be found amidst some trees towering a watery-grassy area. A fresco puzzle is nearby as well as some large pink clams. Surrounded by other blue roosters, Alektryon is an electric-purplish color, and much larger than the other roosters.

Roosters don’t appear as frequently as the other animals and monsters that roam the lands. Also, they always tend to be in groups, never a single rooster. If it’s a basic rooster without any special coloring to signify it’s rank, they’re pretty easy to miss. Roosters are anything but difficult to deal with regardless of their level; red, blue, doesn’t matter. The best way to deal with them in large numbers is to be aggressive. Alektryon included, most of their technique is to run around sporadically without a clear path. After throwing players off a little, roosters will suddenly dive toward Fenyx in a spiral that does moderate damage. They’re fast and annoying to chase if they’re given too much space to work with, so stay on them, and keep whacking away until they perish. The only real difference with Alektryon is that he can spiral in from a far distance.

Most of the time, the smaller roosters surrounding Alektryon will attack, allowing him to get some distance and then strike. The smaller chickens shouldn’t do much damage, as long as players have upgraded their torso and helmet at least twice. Keep the pressure on Alektryon and strike as often as possible. Use special abilities to increase his stun meter and force an extended stun to take him out. Regular attacks will disrupt him relentlessly so don’t let up and he’ll be gone in no time. Alektryon is basically the weakest of the four legendary animals.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising is available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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