How to Find a Best Laptop in 2018-Find Your Next Laptop


Finding the best laptop that suits our best needs is not trivial. The market is full of manufacturers in which it is worthwhile to pay attention to the quality of their products. Moreover, the list of each product of them is usually full of interesting proposals. This is very good because we have options of very wide range products, which we can choose. However, at the same time, the selection process can overwhelm with so much diversity and attractive accessories.

The objective of this article is, precisely, to help you find the laptop you are looking for. However, to do so it is crucial that before starting to investigate each one to identify your needs. As we will see, the range of options is wide enough for the laptop to adapt to us and not have to settle for a few categories, which is what happened a few years ago, before the arrival of the authentic equipment for gaming, the ultralight, the “two in one” and the convertibles.

The topic is very broad and there is a lot of variety. Nevertheless, there are some guidelines to make your purchase best & success.


It is the key fact that determines the performance of a team, speed, stability, and functionality. The processor is the brain of a computer. It is not only to buy a model that will serve us only to write in a text program but by a computer for graphic design or video games. Your processor should be more powerful while the work you do is more complicated.


The size of the laptop monitor defines the size of the device that varies from 10 “to 17”. The 10-inch screens are usually very small, more appropriate for tablets, so an average size will be 13 inches. Normally, the larger the screen, the more benefits the laptop will have, but at the same time, they are heavier. For example, a laptop of up to 14.1 inches with the minimum recommended and a resolution of at least 1080p (to enjoy movies and series with quality) can maintain a weight slightly higher than 1 kg. If you are looking for comfort and good vision of your information you can choose a larger display, also considers that the larger the screen the greater the cost.


One of the main requirements for the laptop is a good battery. Depending on the power of the equipment, the screen, and the memory, the battery will last more or less. Obviously, it depends on the use, but it does not lose its condition as a laptop. It is necessary to require a minimum of 6 hours of operating time when navigating or making office tasks.


Speaking of the laptop’s internal memory means talking about how much capacity the computer has to keep all the files inside. The storage of the devices is increasing and it is difficult to fall short and, in addition, the current trend is to save all the contents in the cloud, and even work from it. When purchasing a new laptop, 500 GB will be an indispensable minimum, although a more powerful computer will be equipped with a minimum of 1 TB of capacity. Take into account what type of files you will save so you can calculate what capacity you need. You may also consider best portable SSD to manage your working file.


The processor of the computer is one of the most complex points because a user does not have to know the different processor models of the brands. However, you should know that the most common processor is Intel Core and that there are updates every so often. Currently, Intel is going for the seventh generation of its Core, so if you buy this or the previous version when you buy the laptop, it will be a very current processor. In addition, depending on the power you will find different surnames, such as i3, i5 or i7, each one more powerful.


Each computer has a random access memory (known as RAM), which is where the processor receives the instructions and saves the results. Do not confuse RAM with ROM, which is storage. The RAM of the laptop is what sets the speed at which the data will be processed in it. So that the more RAM, the higher the speed will work with the computer. A 2GB RAM laptop is currently a slow computer, so it is advisable to exceed this figure up to 4 GB upwards for optimal performance.


The convertibles and the 2 in 1 has revolutionized the sector. These teams have given more colors, more sizes and the possibility to put the equipment in different positions at the whim of the user, including being able to remove the keyboard. For its part, traditional laptops have also been modernized with new colors, such as pink or gold.

Mouse and keyboard

The keyboard is proportional to the size of your best laptop, in a matter of the mouse it is important that you work at ease and comfortable you can connect a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse depending on your comfort.

DVD and CD

At present, very few computers have this attachment included, due to the weight reduction and several accessories that fulfill the function of keeping information externally.

Final Words

The need to have a best laptop has grown due to the demands of the users. How many of us now have the need to move in or out of our city taking work with us? Along with the great demand for movement of people, brands compete every day to offer better features and designs. However, it is not about choosing the most beautiful computer outside, but that inside that meets the appropriate characteristics for each profession. The market offers many models, brands, colors, sizes, etc. what you need to take into consideration for the proper purchase of a computer, depending on the use you are going to give it.

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