How to Enable Dark Mode in Android Pie to enhance Battery Backup


Dark Mode has become very popular among users nowadays as Dark Mode reduces Eye-Strain and gives an immersive look to the application. Also, Google claims that using Dark Mode reduce the battery drainage as it turns out all the white spaces which are responsible for higher power consumption. So, looking forward to its increasing demand, most of the applications today are having an option to enable Dark Mode. However, even after the huge demands from Android users, Google hasn’t introduced dark mode yet in its Android Operating System.
However, Google had released the Dark Mode with Oreo 8.1 but soon they pulled it back to them saying they had released it accidentally. So, this indicated that they are working over to the integration of Dark Mode on Android. Although they haven’t released this feature on Android Pie, there’s a way through which you can enable the Dark Mode in your Android Pie. So, in this article, I’ll be describing you a way through which you can enable the Dark Mode in your Android Pie.
So, this process will vary based on your device, but generally, you have to proceed the same as I’m going to describe you here. So at first, you have to visit the Setting of your device, then move ahead to the Display option. Thereafter, tap on Advanced and then scroll down a bit to find an option called Device Theme. Tap on it and you’ll see an option called Dark. Just choose it and we are done! Now you can see the Dark Theme on your device. You can check it moving to your App-Drawer or can look over to the Quick Setting.
Some of the Device running on Android Pie offering an easier way to enable dark mode. For instance, if we take an example of Samsung One device, you can simply hover to your Setting>>Display>>Night Mode and enable it to have a dark mode theme on your device. However, these dark mode themes are limited to some apps, for example, you will not find any changes in Chrome and Gmail app even after you enabled the dark mode.

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