How to Download an older version of apps on an Older iPhone or iPad


If you are still running on an older iOS device and facing difficulty to download apps and games on your device, then this article is a well worth for you to help you to download the apps on your device. As you know, the App Store only holds the latest version of apps which might not get downloaded and installed on an older version of iOS running device.
But there’s a way to get the previous version of the app which you to download on your iOS device. This trick is very simple to use and understand also, so, hang on and read the article carefully so that you get the ball in your court at first try.
You all know, every app is updated from its prior version which still exists on App Store which still works on older version of iOS, but App Store refuses to show them. So, if you are running on an older version of iOS just move on to the App Store and then tap on the Purchased button. It might take some time to open depending on your device performance.
Once it opens completely and shows you the list of all your purchased apps along with all of their corresponding icons, just search for the apps you want to download. You will see an iCloud option just beside the app you want to download. Tap on it and wait for a few seconds. Don’t rush to close your App Store in either way as you’ll get your apps right on your device soon.
After some amount of time, the App Store will push a warning that you can’t download this app as you are running on an older version, but soon after that, you’ll see an offer to download the previous version of that corresponding app. Just hit on Download and get your app running on your older device. However, this trick only works if that particular app has an older version. If they don’t, probably you can’t do anything to get that app.
In case, you bought a new device running on an older version of iOS and has didn’t have any previous purchase history, do some research on the web before you actually purchase an app to know that app has a supported version for your device or not? If they don’t better not to get that app. However, most of the apps have their previous versions on the App Store, so you might get plenty of apps running on your older machine using this trick.
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