How to Create an SEO Strategy That Works


SEO strategy is currently all the rage in the digital marketing space. Digital marketers know how helpful perfect SEO strategy can be. And many non-marketers are scrambling to find ways to create SEO strategy without knowing a lot about how it works.

In any position, there are small decisions and tools you can use to get your website’s SEO where it needs to be. Read on for a few of the most important ones.

Hire an expert that knows your business

If you have an immediate SEO need and you want it done as efficiently as possible, then hire an SEO expert. There are tons of freelancers and agencies that can do research on your strategy and AB test until they find what works.

The experts know all the possible methods they can try, like link building or implementing a bulk DA checker. The tricks they have up their sleeves are hard to replicate on your own with just a quick Google search or SEO YouTube tutorial.

Another benefit of hiring an expert is the cost benefit. Doing it yourself will waste time and money if you don’t know what you’re doing. An SEO strategist can allocate your budget in a more optimal way without overspending.

Have the content to keep people on your site

One part of SEO that many people overlook is the content you are driving traffic to. This is just as important as the SEO strategy itself. You need to have a strategy in place to consistently post creative content that your site visitors will want to engage in. Great content can make the difference between someone staying on the site and someone leaving immediately.

If you have a content designer on staff, have them work with your SEO strategist to figure out what will get people on your site and stay there. There are strategies like email newsletter sign-up forms that can keep users engaged even after they initially leave.

Pay attention to keyword strategy

Any SEO expert will stress the importance of keyword strategy. Using relevant keywords should be step one in increasing quality traffic to your site. To do that, you need to conduct some keyword strategy to see what keywords you should be trying to rank for.

This means looking at competitor keywords and making targets that you want to optimize for. This can take a while to do, but it’s well worth the commitment. Keyword research is the definite first step in knowing the SEO direction to go in.

Always be open to platform shifts and competition shifts

Platforms change and competitors shift across the board in the realm of digital marketing. Having SEO strategy that is ahead of the times is one way to make sure you put yourself in the perfect position. This is another area where an SEO expert comes in handy. They can look out for trends, new keywords, and new companies trying to rank for your keyword list.

Knowing the strategies your competition is implementing is crucial to see what is working. You obviously will have some differences and have some specific practices you want to put in place, but there is no reason to ignore great strategy that others are using. Monitor your competition to see how people are shifting SEO and moving forward.

If you don’t have an SEO program in place, take the jump and hire an expert. SEO is essential in this digital age, so don’t let another day slip by without taking advantage of the possibilities.

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