How to Create a New Google Account


A Google account is a must-have nowadays if you use an Android device or Chromebook. It gives you complete access to most of Google’s free services, including Calendar, Drive, Docs, Google Play, Gmail, Photos, YouTube, etc.

The chances are you already have a Google account – yet you would like to create an alternative one for work and business purposes or set up a new account for one of your novice family members. Fortunately, the Google account creation process is relatively quick and straightforward.

Whether you are on your phone or computer, you can follow the step-by-step guides below to create a new Google account.

Setting up a Google account on an Android phone

No matter if you are already logged in with an existing account or decided to skip the account creation during the first-time setup process on your Android phone, the following steps will apply to both situations.

  1. Open up the app drawer or swipe down the notification shade and go to the Settings.
  2. Next, scroll down the Settings menu and tap the Accounts option.
  3. Select + Add account at the bottom of the Accounts menu, then choose Google from the list.
  4. Once you are redirected to Google’s login page, tap the Create account option.
  5. Tap “For myself” to create a personal account. For business or professional work, proceed with “To manage my business” instead.
  6. Enter the name you wish to use with the account, then tap Next to continue.
    It’s totally optional to use your real name, but it’s recommended if you plan to use it as your primary account.
  7. After that, enter the date of birth and select the gender, followed by tapping Next.
    Bear in mind that 13 is the minimum age (in most countries) to manage a personal Google account. It’s totally optional to disclose your gender.
  8. Now enter your preferred username for the Google account. It will be used as your Gmail address, which is how you also log in to your Google account.
  9. If your preferred username is already taken, pick one of the related suggestions or type in something else. Tap Next once you are done.
  10. Create a strong password to secure your Google account. Make sure to use a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters to avoid getting hacked easily. Tap Next again to continue.
  11. The following screen will prompt you to add a phone number, which is useful if you want to use Google Duo or reset your account password. You can tap “Yes, I’m in” to add your number or Skip to leave it for now.
  12. After that, you will need to go through Google’s Privacy and Terms page. Scroll down and tap I agree.
  13. Finally, you will see your account username and the password length on the screen. Tap Next to exit the wizard.

Setting up a Google account on PC/laptop

The Google account creation process is basically the same on a phone or computer. However, you have to go through fewer steps when using a desktop web browser.

  1. From your default web browser, head over to Google’s sign-up site.
  2. Enter the first and last name, username, and password you wish to use for the new Google account.
    Note that your username will be used as your Gmail address, so make sure to pick up something you will always remember.
  3. Next, retype your Google account password in the Confirm field and click Next.
  4. Now select your birthday and gender on the following page. It’s totally optional to enter a phone number or a recovery email address, but it’s necessary if you forget your account password someday.
  5. Once you click Next, you will be presented to Google’s T&C and privacy policy page. Click “I agree” below to continue.

This is how you create a new Google account. You can now take advantage of Google’s free services and get important work done on the go. You can also use Google’s quick sign-in feature to log in to supported websites without creating additional accounts.


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