How to convert an accurate image into text online with OCR tool


Before the invention of computers and the internet, the modes of data entry were different in several aspects. The contraption we see today and the ease of storing data with a single individual having the ability to handle the records of thousands of people using a computer.

Previously, the modes of data entry were manual. Large companies had large storages were the data was stored.  Several employees had to look after it, and extra assistance was particularly needed if they have to search for a particular document.

It was a lengthy process and often time-consuming. It annoyed customers since the workers took a lot of time to provide help regarding a particular issue. However, with the development of information technology, access to computers and the internet was made more accessible. Every organization, therefore, departed from the traditional approach to more advanced ways of storing data of their valuable users.

Although it led to a radical change, several companies still faced challenges in the conversion process. The data records were so extensive, and they had to be converted into a digital copy for storage.

Several companies opted for the manual storing of data that was performed through the employees, manually storing data on the computer. It was a hectic task until the development of Optical character recognition (OCR) tools.

What are Optical character recognition (OCR) tools?

Optical character recognition tools are software that assists in the conversion process. They help convert different sorts of documents such as scanned files, PDF files, or printed pages of a book into a searchable and editable text.

They principally convert a hard copy into a soft copy, and the document is entirely modifiable by the user. It presents a lot of benefits for both commercial and personal use, and it is used successfully by people of both categories.

Why do we need OCR tools?

OCR tools present a lot of benefits.

In personal use, most people often scan their books and obtain a digital copy of it. It is beneficial for several reasons. A person might scan an old book and save it as a digital copy, or they can also use the COR tool to preserve a soft copy of some historical piece of paper that they might possess. Furthermore, many people use the tool to convert a book and share It with people.

Companies have benefitted from it a lot. Since it has allowed them to advance from the customary data storing techniques, the tool has also helped them financially. Since data that required storage and several employees can now be stored in a single computer, there is no need to hire such a large staff or pay for the storage rooms.

Furthermore, it has also positively impacted customer services around the globe. Almost every organization has improved it since the data is now stored in an editable and searchable file online; it merely takes minutes or seconds to scroll through it. It allows the customers to get the data they require a lot faster than before.

What types of Documents can OCR tools scan?

The Optical character recognition tool was initially designed to convert scanned documents into a digital copy. It is because the scanned papers were a lot clearer, and it made the process a lot easier for the tool.

However, more recent software is also capable of scanning photographed images that are captured through a camera. Previously, the software was not efficient enough to process such files; however, the more advanced tools are competent in executing it.

Best Optical Character Recognition tools

The choice of OCR tools is wide. Numerous websites offer their advanced tool for the task; some propose it through a paid membership while others provide it without any cost.

Whether you intend to use it for commercial or personal purposes, then you must choose the software that offers the utmost performance.

We have compiled two best OCR tools available online that you can assist you in the conversion. Both the tools are highly resourceful and capable of processing large files within minutes.


The PrePostSEO Is a website that is developed to provide the ultimate benefit to content creators, writers, and webmasters; hence for the purpose, it has developed 95+ tools. The Optical Character Recognition tool offered by PrePostSEO is a remarkable pick.

The tool provides all the features that you could expect from such software. There is no limit on the conversions, and it can be achieved from a file in various formats like TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, and JPEG.

A user can upload a file from its drive or paste the URL of it in case it is available online. The online URL mode it offers is particularly beneficial for converting book pages into editable files.

The tool also supports photos in low resolutions and is also capable of converting blur or unclear images. If you have a file that comprises mathematical expressions, not every tool can present it in the right format; nonetheless, the PrePostSEO can also recognize and process complex mathematical expressions.

The PrePostSEO is a website that is regarded for providing not only excellent tools but Furthermore, and it guarantees content safety.  The user can use the file for sensitive data without the concerns of a potential leak of data.


Extracting text and converting it into an editable file has been made easier by the OCR tool presented by PDF2GO. It is an online tool that doesn’t require membership or conversion charges.

The tool is highly proficient; you can convert low-quality images with it effortlessly. The users are also guaranteed content confidentiality.

It only takes minutes to convert a document into a soft copy of it. You can turn any file using the PDF2GO online OCR tool, whether its records or pages of a book the tool is capable of converting it all.

The tool is also a popular choice among students. It is an easy way to convert notes into a soft copy, which can later be shared.

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