How to Catch and Evolve Doublade in Pokemon Sword and Shield


Pokémon Sword and Shield feature 400 different Pokémon, both new and old ones. One of the many returning Pokémon is Doublade, a steel/ghost-type that made its debut in Pokémon X and Y’s Kalos region back in 2013. It is the second form of Honedge and the previous form of Aegislash.

In the newest iteration of the Pokémon franchise, Doublade is one of the rarest Pokémon players can encounter in Galar region. Players can also catch a Honedge and evolve it to fill up the Pokedex.

If you are looking forward to catching a Doublade in the game, then check out this guide to learn where it spawns on the map. The guide will also show you the location of its pre-evolved form and the way to evolve Doublade to its final form in case you are interested.

Where to Catch Honedge

Let’s start with Honedge, the pre-evolved form of Doublade. Fortunately, it is a common Pokémon that players frequently encounter. To encounter a Honedge, travel to the Hammerlocke Hills found in the Wild Area.

However, the weather has to be foggy in order to secure a 44% chance of finding a Honedge in the wild. In snowstorm conditions, the chances of encounter drop to 15%.

Those who manage to catch a Honedge, leveling it up to 35 will result in it to evolve to Doublade.

Where to Catch Doublade

If you want to catch Doublade, then you are up for a challenge as it rarely spawns even in its favorable spawn locations and weather condition. Pokémon Sword players can encounter Doublade at the Watchtower Ruins, whereas Shield players encounter the rare Pokémon in Stony Wilderness. Doublade also spawns at Giant’s Max and Lake of Outrage.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself at the Lake of Outrage during a snowstorm, then you have a 25% chance of encountering Doublade.

Evolve Doublade to Aegislash

If luck is on your side, you can get a chance to catch Aegislash at Watchtower Ruins and Giant’s Max. Other than that, you have no choice but to evolve Doublade.

In order to evolve Doublade to Aegislash, players have to use a Dusk Stone on it. Players can obtain Dusk Stone in Stow-on Side town. Just follow the path of the right side of the Pokémon Center to find a Pokéball containing a Dusk Stone behind the building.

Finishing Up

While it is not easy to catch a Doublade in Pokémon Sword and Shield, players can follow this guide to get a chance to encounter one. If you are a beginner, click here to check out our guide to starters and gyms in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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