How To Better Your Website with Link Building


Search engine marketers know that link building is still a critical key to ranking and appearing higher in search results. If you want to better your visibility in search engines, then it is imperative it is to have high-quality backlinks. Your website won’t rank on the first page if it has no links. So how can you start building a backlink profile that will help your website? These are some tips that a pro link building company will use to help websites rank higher.

Your website won’t rank on the first page if it has no links. So how can you start building a backlink profile that will help your website? These are some tips that pro search engine marketers are using right now to help their websites rank higher.

Why Link Building Still Matters in 2019

The top websites have thousands of links going back to their most prominent pages. Their content is everywhere, and you can find social influencers linking and even foreign language links to their websites every day. This kind of success only comes from generating content that people want to link to and sharing it through various marketing tactics.

Building a high-quality backlink profile is worth the investment because it’s the single thing that has never changed about the Google algorithm. Link building has always benefited a website’s ranking. If you conduct a competitive audit for top-ranking websites, it will show you that these sites have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of search results pages because of link building.

If you want that kind of impact, you have to start building your links now. To do this, you’ll need content that inspires people to share and that shows off your brand. Some companies choose to do an eye-catching, viral campaign to kick off a link-building campaign, but you don’t need very much to start getting links. People are always looking for great content to share, whether it’s a 500-word article or a mega guide with 10,000 words, videos, and infographics.

Start with Guest Blogging

This is the bread and butter of any good link builder. The first thing you’ll need to do is build content for your audience. You want to make sure that you have high-quality content that your audience is looking for. For example, if you search keywords related to your business, you can check out the reviews. What are customers asking for? Do they want to see how it works? Do they not like the shipping time? What’s causing a problem for your customer? Conversely, what do they like? What can you feature to really surprise and awe your audience?

Once you’ve got the content that you want to link to, you can seek out blogs and websites that need content contributors. There are all kinds of blogs out there, including ones that are very niche to your industry. You should pick websites that are relevant to your keywords and never try to post on websites that have nothing to do with your products or brand. Audiences looking for pregnancy goods on a Mommy blog won’t understand the complexities of construction equipment.

However, there are some sites that have diverse content contributors, such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Inc.

The key to making guest blogging work is that your blog is impeccable, and you link back to your content within an interesting section of your guest blog.

Find Influencers and Mention Them

Who are the people running the show in the industry? Where are audiences going for recommendations? What YouTube channels do they follow? You can write content and mention these influencers to give them a link, which can help you get established with these influencers. You can also tag them on social media and share their content, if relevant to your page.


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