How to Add Professionalism to Your Instagram Account


For all intents and purposes, Instagram is the social media platform becoming favored for staying in touch with friends and family. It’s replaced Facebook in prominence due to its simple format, with chat and comments enabling quick and simple communication between individuals. Business and marketing executives haven’t failed to notice this shift, and now the battle for media supremacy is being fought predominantly on Instagram. If you’re looking to harness the power of Instagram to make you money or gain heaps of followers – either as an influencer promoting products or as a business doing the same – this is the article for you.

Post Regularly

As with many content-producing sites and platforms, it’s the regularity of your posts that will guarantee you pick up a more consistent and entertained fanbase on your Instagram account. Make sure to have a back-up stock of photographs to post on a slow day, and that you never go more than a day without updating your followers with an engaging picture and caption.


Your fans aren’t just numbers; they’re people on the end of smartphones and tablets who admire you and want to know more. That’s why they often post comments on your photos, and sometimes direct message you with questions and fan mail. It’s important to be seen to be engaged with your audience. It makes you seem more human and creates a two-way dialogue that others will enjoy reading through. Engage with select comments to encourage further participation from your other fans.

Add Branding

Over time, it can pay to add branding to your account gently. This is the stuff of the blue tick: it will make you seem professional, and as such, trustworthy and authentic. You can go online to dabble with logo maker tools to add some discreet branding to some photographs and to your profile picture. You’ll also be able to link through to a website should you wish to draw traffic to products you sell or market. Branding adds a touch of class to your posts – but never overdo it. Remember that Instagram is first and foremost a personable, social platform. It’s not made for explicit business posts.

Partner Up

Whether you’re establishing yourself as in Instagram influencer or you’re a business gaining likes and momentum, you can give your fanbase a considerable boost in numbers by partnering with similar accounts on the platform. Take a photo together with tags in order to share your followers in a mutually-beneficial move to increase your audience. You just need to send out some prospective messages to those with a similar size of fan base to make this happen.

Market Yourself

Instagram is itself a wonderful platform on which to market yourself, but if you’re one of the thousands of people who sells products through their Instagram accounts, then you’re going to have to market yourself elsewhere. Think other social media channels, Facebook and Twitter, and, if possible, try and get yourself in the press for increased exposure.

To be Instagram-famous is to net yourself a great deal of money – and the above tips should help solidify your position on the platform, encouraging longevity and continuity in your performance.

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