How safe are public networks?


If you are like most of us, then you love free things, and when you encounter free Wi-Fi, the temptation to surf as much as you want is real. You will find open connections almost everywhere – in the café, at your country club or in the library.

But, did you know that connecting to that free Wi-Fi could expose your private data to hackers? Data theft is big in this age of the internet. Most of our devices are interconnected.

Consider how much you stand to lose in case of data theft – bank account details, social media passwords, personal photos, and videos. Losing all that can be catastrophic.

But, there is a way out.

Virtual Public Networks

A VPN helps you create a secure connection over a less secure network. Data sent over the VPN is encrypted, and this keeps it away from hackers. You also get to surf the net anonymously. If you are still not convinced on the need of getting a VPN, then read on for benefits.

Online security

Many corporates have applications and software that needs to be accessed by all their employees. Accessing these applications over the internet can be dangerous. The Best VPN will keep your corporate data safe and secure. Devices used by employees will connect to the VPN gateway – uses the latest encryption software. Through this gateway, you can access servers, printers and other company resources.

Internet connectivity through a VPN can be affected by the number of users on the network, types of encryption usedand connectivity speeds by service providers.

A VPN network will also protect your devices from malware and viruses. This is in addition to standard firewalls. The VPN will also help hide the client browsing history when they are using public hotspots – no one will know what sites you are using.


There some sites that are inaccessible to other users due to geo-restrictions. Geo-blocking applies mostly to movies and TV shows. The content creators will determine the location of a user before granting them access. The users IP address helps in this.

With a VPN network, you can hide your IP address and access some of these shows. You can also watch your favorite local shows while traveling to another country.

Anonymous downloads

There is some legal stuff that you do not want people to know that you are downloading. A VPN will help you make your downloads anonymously. Some of these files could be geo-restricted or banned by the existing government.

Improve internet speeds

ISP providers may at times interfere with your internet speeds. This will pose challenges when you are trying to stream videos or watch a live show online. You can use your VPN to bypass your any restrictions that may have been put in place by the ISP.

Save money on e-commerce sites

Some e-commerce sites have different rates for their customers depending on their geographical area. You will notice that a product is cheaper if you access it from another country. This extends to booking hotels and flights.

Some of the challenges you should expect with VPN

Expensive service providers

The better the service by a VPN provider the more you will be required to pay. Some VPN providers market their products as free services, but you will often encounter hidden charges once you subscribe to the service.

Check for providers that extend the service to mobile phones and tablets. Find a provider that you can use across all your gadgets.


While the VPN hides your IP address, you are not completely anonymous. The VPN provider still has your browsing history in their servers, and they can easily check them out. That is why it is critical to choose your provider carefully.

Slowed speeds

Speed can be reduced when the VPN provider and client are many miles apart. The VPN needs to encrypt data first before sending or receiving it. This process takes time and can slow your navigation of sites. Before settling on providers compare speeds.

Insufficient servers

Some VPN providers handle many clients and may lack enough servers to handle all transactions coming to them globally. An insufficient server is a cause for slow speeds and will lead to customer dissatisfaction. You should also go with a service provider who has been in the industry for several years. Newcomers often experience data leaks which can be detrimental to the privacy of their customers.

Anti-VPN blockers

Some e-commerce sites have invested in anti-VPN blockers, and some are becoming powerful with time. You may wake up one day and discover that you can no longer access your favorite shows. It is wise to identify a VPN provider that can bypass these Anti-VPN blockers.

Difficulty in configuration

Configuring a VPN is not easy. You will experience problems when you get one. If you do not configure your VPN in the right way, you will experience data and IP leaks. This will put your data susceptible to hackers. Search for a service provider that will guide you through the configuration process.

Final thoughts

Setting a VPN is necessary if you want to protect your private data from attacks. You should be careful when configuring your network to avoid data leakages. The reliability of the internet connection will largely depend on the ISP provider. So before you get yourself, a VPN ensure that your ISP provider has the fastest speeds.

Organizations are increasing deploying VPN for their computers and employee gadgets. Mobile phones often pose as entry points for attacks as they do not have solid security systems. Check for providers that protect both laptops and gadgets. You should note that your distance from the service provider will influence the speeds that you get with your VPN – this is due to data encryption.

VPN offers the best choice for downloading items online anonymously. You can also shop cheaply at various e-commerce sites that have price differentiation.

VPN offers the best solution to combat cybercrime. It protects your data when you are surfing through public networks. There are many providers out there; the challenge is finding the best one.

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