How Does Real Time GPS Tracking Work


Tracking A Car With GPS

GPS technology influences are lives in so many ways today that seemed like science fiction only 25 years ago. Tagging a location on Instagram, using Google Maps to help navigate to a destination, or calling upon a mobile app to provide location-based data is now commonplace. In fact, GPS tracking is also the primary tool used by businesses to enhance fleet management whether the application is to improve routing, boost auto security, or simply locate an employee who might a) need assistance or b) be misusing company vehicles. Although real time GPS vehicle tracking systems are now so ubiquitous that nearly 1 in 4 company automobiles are equipped with a car GPS tracker, most people have no idea how the technology works. So let’s take a few moments and explain how reek time GPS tracking works, and why companies are utilizing the vehicle management technology.

Real Time GPS Tracking

The term “real time GPS tracking” refers to the process of equipping a small live car monitoring solution inside or outside of a business vehicle, then accessing the data transmitted from that vehicle in real time. Data from a GPS vehicle tracking device can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or on a mobile phone, giving employers a significant amount of information related to the activity of particular vehicle or fleet of vehicles near instantly. Information that includes:

  • The speed a company vehicle is traveling
  • The length of time a company vehicle was at a job site
  • Real time email or text alerts if a company vehicle is stolen
  • Detailed driving activity reports related to mileage, harsh braking etc

The real time GPS tracker is engineered with a chip that allows it to receive and record to internal memory location-based data (via low level radio signals from satellites in space ) that provides information such as speed, altitude, direction, orientation and more. The comprehensive data points are then transmitted to off-site computer servers. This transmission of data is completed using a piece of technology known as a cellular data model that allows the tracker to push information from internal memory storage to computer servers through the assistance of cell phone towers. This is known as A-GPS or assisted GPS. Online software is then able to gather all of this pushed information and format it into an easily digestible viewing method that allows businesses to have a clear understanding of where their company cars are located and everywhere they have been!

GPS Tracking For Business Vehicles

The reason why companies use real time GPS tracking for business vehicles is to help them gain a better understanding of what company assets are doing while out in the field, reducing unnecessary fuel expenses through proper route management, and determining if staff are moonlighting in business vehicles. Therefore, the benefit of utilizing real time GPS trackers can be vast for companies with mobile assets. And that does not even factor in other advantages such as having the ability to monitor temperature of refrigerated trucks, check the fuel of a vehicle parked on a used car lot, determine if a car battery is dead, and so much more. According to GPS manufacturers Tracking System Direct, companies routinely call upon live GPS tracking for comprehensive data reports, alerts when a vehicle is moved and general fleet management. And in fact, the demand is so high for car tracking devices that annually businesses spend over a billion dollars on GPS hardware and data plans!

How Much Does A Real Time GPS Tracker Cost?

Businesses who are thinking about investing in real time vehicle tracking devices for company vehicles can expect to pay around $99.00 for each tracking system, and about $24.95 per month for the data plan associated with the live monitoring. However, hardware and data plan costs can be reduced for companies that purchase in bulk, meaning multiple devices and committing to 6 month, one year, or two year contracts on data services.

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