How can the person select the browsers for testing?


Nowadays to see the functionality and the response of each thing, it has to undergo tests. Even to see the response on the website that might be generated for the benefit of any business, it has to undergo a test i.e cross browser testing. In this, there will be a team of developers that will try to build the browser-agnostic website.

With time, there are so many browsers, devices, and operating systems come up in the market that are making all the impossible things also possible. All these techniques are providing with realistic goals so that the website team takes necessary precautions and gets the maximum benefit out of it by reaching the targeted market. To conduct this test in the best possible way, the user needs to check the browser. It can be selected through different aspects stated below:

  • Based on popularity: There are so many browsers that are being used by different people for doing their work. There are two major platforms –Android and IOS. First of all the user needs to understand which is the targeted market accordingly finalize the website test to optimize it’s working.
  • Based on analysis: There are so many website stats that are easily available on the internet. You can easily research for it and break them down according to the device or the browser. This will help in finding out which browser-OS combination is the most used target audience and what all devices are generally viewed by people.

This is how the best browser for working is selected. A simple rule of thumb is given priority in testing as it gets over the user more than 5% of traffic share. Before making any decision it is very important to check the stats and make an analysis accordingly. It will help the user to focus the most on the products and reward them with the least effort.

This cross browser testing can be easily done by looking at the role and workflow on the website. There are two situations stated below:

  • During development: The developers must be in the continuous integration pipelines that will help in testing out all the new features up in the market. It will ensure that the cross browser testing is enabling the website to push towards the changes that can bring better results.
  • In staging/ Pre-Release: The AQ team will do this for every release candidate so that it can be made sure that there is no problem with the compatibility of browsing. All the issues are dropped off with every up-gradation to the latest version of the system.

So this is how the testing can be done. It is an easy process for the people who have proper knowledge regarding it. So it is very important to first get all the required knowledge of performing this test and then conduct it. There is no such restriction on conducting the exam. It can be easily done by any person who designs or develop the open web.

This is not the necessity that the person needs to know about the coding to use all the interactive testing tools. It can be easily used by web designers who are in this field. Most probably the AQ team executes the test to evaluate the best results and provide them to the designing team. This will further enable the team to make the best decisions to meet the compatibility benchmarks. It will help in finding out the front-end fares that are to be put on the different devices and the orientations.

So in nutshell, it can be concluded that to get the best results, it is very important to get the whole system updated with the latest bugs and fixes.



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