How can I watch TV Shows for Free?


Compared to cable TV, streaming networks like Netflix and Hulu are undeniably cheaper. One plan can give access to everyone in your homestead. Still, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to pay to watch Game of Thrones online?

If you said yes to that, we’ve got some good news for you. It’s 100% possible to stream popular shows free of charge. With some networks, you get free shows through trial periods but with others, you get free streaming for life. Below are all the details.

100% Free Streaming Networks

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle offers a wide range of TV shows and movies on all Internet-enabled devices. It also has apps on PlayStation 3&4, Chrome Cast, Apple products, LG TVs, Sony TVs, XBOX and Amazon Fire Stick. Its list of popular series include Happy Ending, Rescue Me and Community.

While the service is not available in every country, Sony Crackle is available in all US states and Puerto Rico. Sure, you can’t download or access many current shows but the service lets you watch TV online without paying anything.


Like Sony’s Crackle, Tubi is a licensed streaming network that offers its services totally free. An account isn’t even necessary. Simply visit the website, search for your favorite TV show and click play. There are about 50,000 shows and movies on the website, including top-rated shows like Paranormal State, Flavor of Love and Forensic Files.

Although Tubi includes ads on most of its shows, it does a great job of recommending new programs. If you love drama, you start seeing more Drama shows than someone that loves comedy. It’s a great way of discovering shows on the network without having to click the search icon every other time.

Pluto TV

Free TV streaming doesn’t get better than Pluto TV. Not only do you get thousands of free movies and shows but its ads are the least disruptive among many streaming options. The advertising comes before the series. After that, you watch your shows with no interruptions from advertising.

Pluto TV is easily accessible on the web or through its official Android and iOS apps. It’s also available on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.


If you love the classics and want to invoke create some nostalgia, create a Popcornflix account. All the popular shows of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s are constantly listed on the network at no fee. Ads roll before you start watching, which ensures your viewing experience is smooth throughout.

Yahoo View

Yahoo joined up with Hulu back in 2016 to create a free streaming network for ABC, FOX and NBC fans. With a free account, US viewers get access to five episodes of their favorite shows for a limited amount of time. It’s not the best experience people who love to binge-watch full shows would want, but it helps you catch up with popular shows.

Best Streaming Services with Free Trials

Netflix—30 Days Free

Netflix is the king of movie streaming. Some of the biggest shows in the worlds are exclusive to the network, including headliner movies like Bird Box. Virtually anything great on TV can be obtained by Netflix at any time.

Of course, Netflix doesn’t come free. The cheapest plan costs $7.99 and limits you to a small variety of shows. But before you think about paying anything, Netflix gives you access to all of its shows free of charge for 30 days.

Amazon Video—30 Days Free

Like Netflix, Amazon video lets you watch TV online conveniently. The service costs $8.99 month for thousands of shows, including originals. Amazon allows you to experience its services free of charge during the first month after which you are charged $8.25 per month.

You can also pay up $119 per year for all Amazon prime services. That includes free 2-day shipping, millions of free songs and regular discounts.

HBO Now—30 Days Free

HBO Now is a product of HBO Go, a TV service offered through cable. Compared to Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, HBO Now is pricier. The cheapest plan costs $15month but you get access to all HBO films and shows.

If you love Game of Thrones, claiming HBO’s 30-day trial period is probably the best way to watch the much-awaited season 8 without paying anything. Keep in mind HBO asks for a credit card before giving you access to its free services. If you don’t plan to subscribe to its plans, make sure you cancel the service while enjoying the trial services.

YouTube TV—30 Days Free

You already know how YouTube works. However, its TV services work a little bit different. With YouTube Red, you pay $10/month to access YouTube with zero ads. On top of that, you get access to original YouTube shows like Cobra Kai, Lifeline and Step Up: High Water.

YouTube TV, on the other hand, is the network’s way of helping you ditch cable for good. For $40/month, you can watch all your favorite channels. From news to sports, entertainment channels and drama TVs, everything is basically covered. With both services, there is a free trial period that runs for 30 days.

Fubo TV—7 Days Free

Fubo TV works like YouTube TV but pays more emphasis on sports. From soccer to baseball, the NBA and the NFL, Fubo is the most sports-centric streaming app you can find. The average plan here shows you 80+ channels.

Its costs aren’t cheap at $45/month or more, but you get to stream live matches in HD quality 24/7. The only disadvantage with Fubo is that it lacks ESPN coverage, which is the hail grail of sports broadcasting in the country.

Bottom Line

If there is a show you would want to catch up online, don’t worry about payments. For current top hits like Stranger Things, grab Netflix’s 30-day free period. The network lets you watch a show’s episodes back-to-back. For the classics and movies without having to pay for life, create accounts in any of the free streaming options we reviewed above.

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