Here’s How Samsung’s New Galaxy SmartTag Can Locate Your Belongings


Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy SmartTag device, which can be attached to objects so that they can be located if needs be using the SmartThings app.

Samsung officially confirmed Thursday that its rumored Galaxy SmartTag is indeed in the pipeline and it is now available to pre-order on the Samsung website. The Galaxy Unpacked event was primarily focused on Samsung’s launch of its latest flagship smartphone line, the Galaxy S21 series, and its new Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds. The Galaxy SmartTag object funder was mentioned in passing, though.

Object finders or trackers are not new. Tile, for example, has been around since 2012 and offers a variety of small devices that can be attached to objects in order for users to keep track of them electronically. But the SmartTag is the first time Samsung has dipped its toe into these waters.

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The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a small, square-shaped device with rounded edges. The trackable device can be attached to a variety of different objects to keep track of them. But because it has a hole at one of the corners, it will very easy to attach SmartTag to such things as a bag, key chain, or dog collar. Samsung announced the Galaxy SmartTag will be available on January 29 for $29.99 and that a more advanced Galaxy SmartTag+, with ultra-wideband technology and an AR finder to pinpoint the tracker’s location, will launch later in the year.

Samsung’s Connected Universe

Samsung SmartTag attached to keys and the SmartThings app showing their location

The Galaxy SmartTag is an extension of the SmartThings Find service, which uses Internet of Things technology to search for lost Galaxy devices like phones, tablets, smartwatches, or even wireless earbuds. Launched back in October, users can track the misplaced devices via Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband and it can work even when the devices are offline using the Galaxy Find Network. Devices are tracked using the SmartThings app, of which SmartThings Find is a part of that is also used to control smart home devices, such as televisions, lights, and the thermostat.

The Galaxy SmartTag will work in a similar way. However, obviously, the big advantage of SmartTag is that it can be attached to non-Galaxy devices that themselves do not need to be electronic let alone have a wireless connection. In addition to the tag connecting to the SmartThings app to show an object’s location, the smartphone app can be used to make the tracker ring so that it’s easier to find when the owner is nearby. At $29.99, the device is competitively priced but time will tell how well it ultimately stacks up against other object finders.

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