Harley-Davidson’s pricey Serial 1 e-bikes are up for pre-order


Stepping up to the various RUSH/CTY models will cost at least $4,399. The RUSH/CTY Step-Thru model has the same battery, single-speed drivetrain and top speed as the MOSH/CTY, but the “step through” design means the bike’s frame doesn’t have the standard top cross bar. It also adds a 1.5-inch LED screen so you can see your ride mode, speed, odometer, battery level and headlight status; this screen is available on all of the Serial 1 bikes except the MOSH/CTY.

The premium RUSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY Speed models are essentially identical to each other except for one key difference: the Speed model hits a top speed of 28 mph, compared to the 20 mph on the standard model. Both bikes have a 706Wh battery that takes about six and a half hours to charge. While the MOSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY Step-Thru feature single speed drivetrains, the RUSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY Speed have the Enviolo Automatiq shifting system that works as a continuously variable transmission; between this and the Gates carbon fiber drive belt, these two models should require less maintenance. The RUSH/CTY starts at $4,499, while the Speed model costs $4,999.

All of these bikes are available to pre-order now and are set to deliver in March of 2021 with the exception of the RUSH/CTY Speed, which Serial 1 says will arrive in the summer of 2021. For more details on these bikes, Serial 1 has short YouTube videos for each, and there’s lots more info on the company’s site. Good luck getting to it, though — it’s buckling a bit under the weight of traffic this morning.




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