Hackers Steal Personal Data of 100 Million Quora Users


Gear yourself up for yet another malicious security breach. Quora, an online platform wherein individuals post questions and answers on an array of genres, stated that their computer network was breached by malicious actors they possibly gained access to sensitive information of approximately 100 million Quora users.

Quora claims to have freshly learned that user data was breached as a malicious 3rd party gained unapproved access to their systems. This discovery was made a couple of days ago, on Friday.

What does the potentially compromised user data include?

  • Profile name, email address, Internet Protocol, username, secure password, account settings and customization information.
  • Questions, public answers, blogs, shares, downvotes, upvotes, A2A, and thanks.
  • Personal messages and edit suggestions.
  • Information ferried from linked platforms such as contacts, interests and information regarding demography.

What caused this security breach is still being investigated by the Quora team. They are working with one of the best cyber forensics and cybersecurity firms to get to the root of this breach. They have also intimated the law enforcement executives.

The investigation is still going on, and the Quora team has adopted measures to limit the event, and their endeavors to safeguard the users and prevent such kind of attacks from occurring in the times to come are their utmost priority as a corporation.

Apart from investigating, Quora is also implementing other measures to bolster their security. They are presently informing users whose information may have been leaked. As a cautionary step, all the Quora users whose data may have been compromised are being logged out. Also, if the compromised users have a password as the mode for authentication, then Quora has invalidated their passwords.

Individuals who have the same password for other online accounts need to change the password for all the other accounts. The attackers were not able to access anonymous questions and answers as the company does not save the names of the individuals who post anonymously. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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