Hackers Hijack Thousands of Chromecasts to Promote PewDiePie’s YouTube Channel


Recently, Thousands of Chromecasts Streaming devices were hijacked by Two Hackers to promote PewDiePie’s YouTube Channel. They hacked thousands of Chromecasts and forced to display a message to peoples to subscribe this listed channel. This hack was possible because of the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) functionality of some routers that make smart devices like Chromecast to be viewed publicly on the Internet.

This attack is referred to as CastHack has been performed by two hackers, Giraffe and j3ws3r. They both teamed up to promote PewDiePie’s YouTube Channel. They both tricked Chromecast which is a Google’s Media Streamer to play any YouTube Channel videos they want, even they can play videos that are custom made.

Their website has claimed that they had already affected more than 3000 Chromecasts and forced them to display a Pop-up notice which encourages peoples to subscribe to the YouTube Channel of PewDiePie. However, this is not a correct count of the affected TVs from this hack. After this misshapen , many peoples are reporting to this issue about the message being displayed on their TVs on some forums like Reddit.

They both had already promoted this PewDiePie’s YouTube channel earlier by hacking thousands of printers around the globe which prints a sheet containing a message to Subscribe to the PewDiePie’s channel. The main reason behind this hack was to help PewDiePie’s channel to cross a subscriber count before another YouTube Channel – T-Series.

However, Hacker Giraffe told The Verge that their main motto for this hacking was to reveal the vulnerabilities than to promote this channel. We want to help you, and also our favorite YouTubers (mostly PewDiePie),” posted on their website. “We’re only trying to protect you and inform you of this [vulnerability] before someone takes real advantage of it. CastHack is meant to remind Google of security flaws, Hacker Giraffe said.

So, for now, Google has to work over it to fix these issues. However, this issue can be fixed manually by turning off Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) functionality in Router’s Setting.

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