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There are two reasons to go to school: learn about something and to get a coveted piece of paper that helps you get jobs, or at least, job interviews. With so many schools putting material online, you can do the first part without spending much money as long as you don’t expect the school to help you or grant you that piece of paper. Stanford has a huge computer science department and [Rui Ma] cataloged over 150 computer science classes available online in some form from the University. Just the thing to while away time during the quarantine.

Apparently, [Rui] grabbed the 2020 course catalog to find on-campus classes and found the companion website for each class, organizing them for our benefit. The list doesn’t include the actual online class offerings, which you can find directly from Stanford, although there is another list for that.

There are basic classes like CS103, Mathematical Foundations of Computing, that are important to know before attempting some of the upper-level classes. Systems classes range from CS1U on Practical Unix to CS149 and CS315B which cover parallel computing.

If you want to learn more about the theory behind why your LED blink algorithm scales poorly, there’s CS254, Computational Complexity. Machine learning is in vogue right now, and there are plenty of options including CS20, Tensorflow for Deep Learning Research.

There’s more, but we’ll let you read the list. Phone programming, robots, video games, and biocomputing are all on the menu. There are even a few classes on things like personal finance for engineers, ethics, and computer music.

To be fair, not all of these classes are easy to digest on their own. Some of them are supporting material and you really need the professor’s lectures. However, for some classes like CS106L (Standard C++ Programming) you’ll find complete sets of lecture notes and some classes even have video lectures, like the one below from CS224N, Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning.

We were glad [Rui] put together this list. Of course, if you are grabbing university content for self-study, you don’t have to get everything from one place. If you want a very practical education, the Navy’s materials are another source.

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