Google’s Fuchsia OS will Support Android Apps via Android Runtime


Everyone was in a dilemma that the upcoming Google’s Fuchsia OS will support Android Apps or not? But now Google has confirmed this question through a new Change found in the Android Open Source Project. This change was spotted by 9to5Google which says “These targets are used to build ART for Fuchsia.” In brief, this Quote says that Google is Developing an ART (Android Runtime) which will be able to run Android Apps on the upcoming Operating Systems.

Further, in that Android Open Source Project, it was also included that “They differ from usual Android devices as they do not target specific hardware. They will produce a fuchsia package (.far file).” This clearly means that, in the upcoming devices which runs on Fuchsia OS, users will be able to install any of the Platform’s Version of Android Runtime.

This .far file will be Fuchsia Equivalent to that of Android’s APK file and in the same way, this version of Android Runtime will be able to install on any of the Fuchsia supported device using .far file extension. However, there isn’t any idea regarding how this Fuchsia OS use Android Runtime.

Moreover, If we combine all the pieces of information that we gathered about Fuchsia OS, it can be concluded that Fuchsia OS will be able to run on Phone, Tablets and on PCs. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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