Google’s Collection Features Works as a Pinterest


Google is advancing its existing services as well as working on new services with the help of the latest technologies. Now, Google’s new Collections features are there to serve your previous searches as a private collection. The new Collections feature does look like the original Pinterest platform.

There comes a time when we actually want to see the previously searched items on Google. Since we do a lot of searches on Google each day, finding out the previous or old searches can be a hectic task for the users.

To help you with your requirement, Google has introduced the new Collections feature that will present you your previous searches with a well-organized page.

Google has designed this new Search result feature with the advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. This new feature will group similar searches of your previous work and prepare a separate section for that as a collection. Interestingly, you will be able to save the collections showed by Google during the search so that you can revisit the pages or the entire section whenever you need.

Based on your activities and interest, Google will ask you to choose the categories from Cooking, Shopping, Travelling etc. This will help Google to recognize what you have searched previously on the platform and that’s how this new technology or we can say the new feature of Google will work.

Google will recommend related searches, websites, products, images etc using Artificial Intelligence. There is a special Find More button also available within the collections section. You can search for more of your previous searches using the collections features’ find more button.

On top of that, Google also lets you share your collections with the friends or anybody with a quick share option. Additionally, you can also collaborate with other like-minded people within the community which you can also choose as per your interest from the same Collections section.

The new Collections feature is already up in the global market. It is released for the web platform and for the Google App as well. You can open the app and can select the side menu to search for the right collections.

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