Google Won’t Sell the Pixel 4 Series Phones in India


Google just announced a range of its new gadgets for the new generation users with the flagship phones i.e. Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL. However, the company has also added that the same devices will not be available in India. They will not make the new Pixel 4 Series smartphones available for Indian consumers.

Google has clearly mentioned that “we decided not to make Pixel 4 available in India”. Furthermore, the Spokesperson also added that Google’s devices are limited for limited regions and we have to check a lot of factors before making them available for the selected regions.

The new Pixel 4 Series phones features the Soli radar tech that enables motion sense gestures. This is the real culprit behind the actual matter of not launching the Pixel 4 Series in India.

The Soli radar tech works in the 60Ghz frequency. The Indian Government doesn’t allow it for public use. This clearly means that if Google want to launch the Pixel 4 Series smartphones in India and many other such countries, they have to first disable this Soli Radar Tech from the devices.

Soli Radar Tech is highly advanced making the device enabled to use touch-less gestures including Face Unlocking feature. When disabled, the devices won’t be able to work with these features that means users will not get such advanced security features on the Pixel 4 devices.

We have to accept the fact that Google Pixel 4 Series phones don’t feature any other security features. They do not come with Fingerprint Sensor as well. So when they try to disable or remove the Soli Radar Tech, the security-side of the phones will be crucial. The design of the phones will also be changed with big bezels if this hardware removed from it.

Apparently, Google has no plans on launching the new Pixel 4 Series phones in India due to this restriction. We didn’t see any signs of interest from the Search Giant to remove their latest Soli Radar Tech from the device which is the core feature of it.

We would learn more about the availability of these phones in the coming weeks.

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