Google Will Completely Ban Cookies in 2022


Each and every website is now using cookies to collect the data of the web users. This is just to know the behavior of the web users so that they can keep an eye on their content and publishing activities. However, many websites are collecting data and use the data of the users illegally for different activities.

Google, being the most popular search engine is now taking tough steps against the cookies. The company has decided to remove cookies completely from their platforms by the year 2022. This move will make both, users and advertisers happy as both can work on their way and no one can interrupt.

Google has been releasing regular security updates and privacy-related information for the users to make their Google account and data secured from hackers. When you accept the cookies asked by the websites, you allow them to track your web activities.

The actual timeline for removing cookies from the websites is actually pushed out by Google. But today, the company has finally come up with the deadline i.e. in the year 2022.

Google has disclosed everything about the deadline for removing cookies and other information on their official Chromium blog. Google took its first step towards banning such websites from accessing your data from August 2019. They have been implementing new technologies and strategies to make them stronger. Today, they have shared a step by step actions that they will take in the coming years.

In March 2020, Chrome Web Store won’t accept new apps. However, developers can update existing apps.

In June 2020, Google will end support for the apps from all the PC systems and mobile platforms. Some upgraded users can still access the apps.

In December 2020, Google will end support for all the apps on Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

And last, in June 2022, Google will end support for Chrome Apps on Chrome OS for all the customers. This means, by June 2022, your apps and web activities will be secured and no website or Google app can fetch your data using the cookies.

The Chrome extensions will still be accessible and users can use them.

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