Google Will Charge Law Agencies and Low Enforcement to Access User Data


Google’s services are used by all smartphone and PC users. Google stores different types of data of the users such as location history, Google search, emails etc. Now, getting the data of the users by US law enforcement from Google is a part of Google’s Business.

From this new year, Google started charging $45 for a subpoena, $60 for a wiretap and $245 for a search warrant. The news is published on the New York Times where the law enforcement agency’s official listing was listed.

According to Google, they have been receiving a high volume of requests from the Government Agencies. The agencies were asking Google to hand over the personal data of the users through various forms. Google does know about the data of each and every users who have used their services.

According to laws, Google can legally charge the agencies for sharing the personal data of the users. Many tech giants are doing it for free to help the Government resolving the issues. Now, Google has taken a tough step towards the personal data of the users. By now, the company will charge the above listed prices for the requirement of the users’ data by the Government Agencies.

Not only the US Government, but almost all the regions across the world are making use of the data collected by Google through various forms and services.

If we go by the data, over 75,000 of the request received by Google from the US agencies in the first half of the last year were from the data of over 1,65,000 Google accounts. So according to the reports, 3 requests came from the US.

Until now, Google was offering all the information requested by the Government Agencies of any regions. But from now, for the same data collection, Google will charge a few bucks.

Google further said that if the requests require broad information about the user’s data which need a lot of homework, then for such data, they will have to charge from the agencies. We will get to see more updates on this.

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