Google will be Fixing the Chrome API to stop sites from detecting the Incognito Mode


In recent cases, Google has discovered some sites that are using some algorithm to detect the Incognito Mode in Chrome browser. This is a major concern to the privacy of users and so Google stepped up to fix this issue by making some changes in the Chrome API to prevent sites from detecting the mode.

The reason behind the detection of the Incognito Mode is the support of  FileSystem API in the Chrome browser. Actually, this file system API Allow the site to create a Virtual file system in the sandbox of the browser Easily read and write the local data for faster access. This FileSystem usually left some of its data in the browser of the user to read the local data for faster access to the site in the future. But it seems like some sites are taking its advantage to track the user that he is using normal mode or Incognito mode in Chrome browser.

Since this file system API is not available in the Incognito mode of Chrome some sites are taking its advantages to detect the Incognito Mode.  as they usually try to access the data the left their virtual file system. If they get access to their data from the virtual FileSystem, it indicates that the user is using the normal mode while if they can’t get access, this clearly indicates that the user in Incognito mode.

But today morning, a post has been updated in Chrome Gerrit blog where Google has said that they are going to make some changes in the FileSystem API of Chrome browser to prevent the sides from detecting the Incognito Mode.

After the changes get reflected in this file system API, the Chrome browser will continue to use the physical storage of the computer when the user is in regular mode. While, if the user is using the Incognito mode then Chrome will create a virtual file system in the RAM of the device and once the Incognito mode is closed RAM will clear the data and so the privacy of the user will be protected.

So overall, Google is taking a good step to protect the privacy of the user.  You might expect these changes in the FileSystem API of Chrome in the upcoming update of Chrome 74.

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