Google Uses AI to Mimic Humans for Google Duplex Calls


Google’s innovative Duplex Conversations are getting popular day by day as the company is constantly improving its services for regular users. The company is imposing new technologies to make their services even better. Todays’ a report from The New York Times says that the giant is using Artificial Intelligence to mimic humans on Google Duplex Calls.

The company has discussed everything to the media regarding how they handle the phone calls with the Duplex Calls. According to their spokesperson, Google handles over 25% assistant calls through its team in a call center. The other 15% require human intervention. The ratio is quite a satisfaction as the users have done three out of four bookings right with the help of this service.

We all know how the new technologies amaze us and with the help of Artificial Intelligence, we people are becoming smarter. Google Duplex service is there to help users booking restaurants and other services using Artificial Intelligence.

However, there comes a time when it actually requires your presence while booking. As stated by the company, some complex things are there which Google can’t handle for the user to user. This is the only reason why Google is seeking help from both, AI and real humans.

Google wants everyone to stay ahead with technology. They are trying their best to make our lives simpler and smarter with the help of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

Additionally, Google also wants to handle businesses professionally and that’s why they are constantly working on this service to make it even better for the businesses and for the users as well.

We have to see how Google is improving its services for businesses with the help of the latest technologies. We are keeping an eye on their statements as they are ready to give answers asked by the users and the businesses regarding their services. They are good at handling everything!

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