Google Translate Showing Apocalyptic Warning


‘Doomsday Clock is three minutes at twelve We are experiencing characters and a dramatic developments in the world, which indicate that we are increasingly approaching the end times and Jesus’ return’ you will find this after translating from Maori into English by writing dog 18 times which is a warning of doomsday, a subreddit devoted to odd and interesting results from Google Translate noticed the pattern in past weeks.

After the unusual translate surfaced, many people began experimenting and discovered that typing “ag” repeatedly and translating it from Irish resulted in other strange translations into English, such as ‘As a result, the total number of members of the tribe of the sons of Gershon was 150,000 when you type ag 21 times.

Once it was found others tried with similar patterns and with other languages like Hawaiian or Somali and discovered the same kind of unusual results. While some people on Twitter suggest that ghosts or demons were behind the translations,  or that they were inferred from private messages.

A Google spokesperson denied that claim and said, “This is simply a function of inputting nonsense into the system, to which nonsense is generated.” The incident suggests that AI algorithms could do weird things on their own and which has been reflected in the incident.

Experts suggest that religious prophecies often seemed to show was because it’s likely Google uses religious texts such as the Bible to programme its translation technology, due to it being one of the world’s most widely translated texts.

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