Google Translate Adds Five New Languages


Google Translate’s community has revealed that they are adding five new languages to Google Translate service. The newly added languages are available to access from Google’s web and mobile apps. You can now translate anything from Kinyarwanda, Odia, Tatar, Turkmen and Uyghur which are the newly added languages.

As per the official’s statement, this is the first time in the last four years Google Translate added new languages for its users. By adding four new languages, the total number of languages supported by Google Translate reaches 108.

With this, the same service has a special feature that lets you speak in different languages and the service will translate it to the desired language. It lets users communicate with over 75 million people in different languages across the globe which is indeed a good thing for frequent travellers.

Furthermore, the reports also stated that the reason behind taking such a long period to add new languages is they have had limited information on the software which took longer than usual to collect the data of the new languages and add them to this service.

Starting from today, the new update of the Google Translate app will be rolled out to 1% users of the service across the globe. The reason behind making it available to a limited number of users is just to test out the new languages. If they send out positive feedback about these languages, they will roll out the same update to the entire globe.

Additionally, Google Translate also supports virtual keyboard inputs which you can type in using your voice commands. It supports three new languages i.e. Kinyarwanda, Tatar and Uyghur.

As noted above, Google Translate supports 108 languages at this moment. If we talk about the languages in the world, then the total number of languages in the world is 7,117. However, the languages supported by Google Translate are the most spoken languages in the world with the highest number of speakers.

Rating Google Translate quality

While Google Translate is a great on-the-go solution for quick translation of phrases and words, Google Translate quality actually varies from language to language with some languages being translated more accurately than others. Of all the 108 languages that Google Translate now supports, Afrikaans has been found to have the best translation quality followed in order of accuracy by German, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish and Chinese. Some of the languages with the poorest Google translations are Bengali, Haitian Creole and Tajik.

And while Google Translate is great for travelers or for people who just need something simple to be translated, more complicated text such as with literature, office documents or academic references require a more professional solution. However, Google Translate’s API has consistently improved over the years and maybe one day, it’ll become a viable solution for translation requirements apart from ordering at a restaurant on vacation.

Google will definitely add more languages to its service in the coming days. The team or the community is constantly working on new languages that we will get to see in the future in Google Translate’s service.

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