Google to Shut Down Hangouts for Consumers in 2020


As per sources, Google’s Hangout service for customers will be bid farewell in 2020. This does not come as a surprise as Google has basically stopped any development on the Hangouts since over a year. However, given that 2019 is just around the corner, it will undoubtedly be the final year to access the application.

In March 2017, Google announced an overhauled Hangouts Chat and Meet focused at enterprise and teams. Also, Google changed its consumer-friendly iMessage alternative to RCS Chat and Android Messages after the whole mishap with Allo.

Google does need to get a hold since it is becoming exceedingly frustrating using its services with the perpetual fear in mind that Google will become bored and just discontinue them. Even though the company has not appeared to be capable of maintaining focus on an individual item for long enough, now Google might have gone a bit too far by stopping Hangouts.

Earlier in September, the company stated that it was shutting down Inbox by Gmail service in order to concentrate entirely on Gmail. A lot of users were upset regarding this announcement.

A month later, in October, Google announced that it would be killing Google+. In the wake of a  massive security breach that leaked personal data of more than 500K users, Google decided to shut down Google+ for consumers.

Now, the company has decided to close down the consumer version of Hangouts. Given how popular this messaging app is across the globe, many people are upset about this development.

Inbox by Gmail, Google+ and Hangouts are all slated to shut down in the coming year. Even though none of these services was flawless, regular users will definitely be affected by their absence. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for more updates.

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