Google to Pay up to $500 for Faulty Pixel Devices


We have been hearing a lot about Google’s Pixel smartphones as many of these smartphones users have issues with their Pixel devices. For this same matter, a group of Pixel XL owners filed a lawsuit against the company regarding its faulty Pixel devices.

Now, the tech-giant, Google has agreed to a settlement in a class-action complaint. As per their agreement, the company will pay up to $500 to such customers of its Pixel smartphones.

Some early users of Google’s Pixel devices have reported mics issues. The devices mics stopped working without any warnings and issues. The company had also confirmed this issue due to “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec.”

As per the settlement’s statement, Google has to pay $7,250,000 that’s the total financial commitment.

To recall this issue, the issues were found on the devices which were manufactured before Jan. 4, 2017. Many of the Pixel owners have sold out their faulty devices unintentionally to get some refund.

Hundreds of customers across the country have reported some or other issues on the Pixel devices. The issues were not present on one Pixel device, but on a number of different models under the same brand.

In the past, Google had replaced the faulty devices against defective devices. As a result, the customers have had the same issues with their replaced Pixel devices. Such issues have made them frustrated and they have to reach out to the company in a legal way.

Well, the company has officially agreed to this matter and if you are using a faulty Pixel device, then Google will pay you up to $500 as compensation.

The company’s settlement comes up with four different categories of users. The users who have been experiencing audio-related issues will get $500. Those who saw only one issue on the phone will get $350 from Google.

People who have not reported the issue to the company will also get $20 by Google. People who have received a refund through third-party insurances will also be eligible to get a refund for the faulty device in the coming days.

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