Google to Launch Display Embedded Smart Speaker this Year


Series of smart devices has been launched this year, and we are expecting a lot more of devices to hit the market.  Expectations have been slammed as Google was reportedly planning its new market hit of a Smart Speaker equipped with a display, and aims to have a competition with Alibaba and Amazon’s Group Holding in the gadgets category of voice-activated devices.  It will also take a competition with Lenovo’s Lenovo Smart Display devices, which is already powered by a Google OS.

These new products will take part of the Google Home’s family of smart speakers, with an Artificial Intelligence-based Google Assistant, which is quite similar with Amazon’s “Echo Show”, comprised with pairs of 2-inch speakers with a 7-inch touchscreen display show the visual output of Alexa’s response, and AI program.

The standard Google Home with the cost-effective Home Mini and Home Max has been featured by the Android developer’s AI speakers.  These designs will be against the Echo and Echo Dot, a proud product of Amazon, and Apple’s Homepod that comes with Siri voice assistant.

In line with these speaker advancements brought by Google, people may start thinking about the use of these smart speakers knowing that the world has a lot of smartphone devices that can do the same job, or an even greater sound experience for the user.  But, if you have security cameras installed all over your place or a multi-room sound system, smart speakers will play its essential role to control these devices with ease.

Previously, Lenovo together with Google made its first smart display, by breaking the rule out of the traditional smart speakers.  These companies took their concept about the smart home hub into a smart home command centre that made its huge debut in the tech world.  But now, how will Google try to take over this advancement knowing that the conceptual technology is already there?  Well, this the moment where the exciting parts will take in.  Google, a company known as one of the monster competitors of the major technology advancements, will surely make a feature for its new product that will leave a BANG Advance Features that will make it stand out among the other products currently available in the market.  We have seen how the smart speakers became an advancement, and it is just to practically expect a lot more of Google’s new breaking Smart Speaker.

According to Nikkei, Google plans to ship about three million of its upcoming smart display product, which he called “an aggressive plan” knowing that it has a lot of competitors waiting out there.  Their aggressiveness might even take them into an instance that they might borrow some of Nest’s technology expertise, and they will let their devices to serve as a thermostat, or they could also add some unique features like a security camera just to take over its place over the market.

Whatever steps they take in the quick advancement of today’s technology, we are now aware that smart speakers has a great potential in place of tech leaps and advancements, that once again, might change the worlds technology standards.

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