Google starts testing Duplex-powered Assistant for Chrome


No doubt, Google Duplex is one of the most interesting products that Google has revealed in recent years. It is the perfect combination of some Google technologies including Google Assistant, Searches and Knowledge Graph, language processing, and machine learning.

When it was launched first by Google, it allows users to book restaurants and few other services. Now, Google is gearing up to add one more capability to the Duplex that helps smartphone users book movie tickets. 

When it was revealed by Google, it became famous for its ability to hold a real-time, real-world conversation with a receptionist in order to book a table or a salon appointment. Apart from that, it also has the ability to automatically fill forms with the data you supplied as well as the data Google already has on you.

Last May, Google debuted Duplex’s ability to make hotel and car reservations in Chrome for Android. These types of services often don’t involve talking with humans and are more about selecting options and filling out forms on web pages. Duplex’s intelligence also shines through as it immediately knows, based on your personal information and emails, what you need and when.

And now, it is being reported that the same ability is returning back to the Duplex for booking movie tickets. It starts with choosing a movie and selecting a booking site and if the latter supports Duplex, you can tap on the Google Assistant prompt to help automate the process. You’ll still be asked for specifics like how many tickets you want to buy or the seats you want to take but the rest will be filled out using Google Duplex.

As of now, this feature is still in testing and there is no date defined for its availability. However, bringing this feature to this platform may take some time as Google needs to tie up with the Cinema partners to smoothen the booking process.

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