Google Slowing Down YouTube in non-Chrome browsers; Here’s How to Fix it.


If you get annoyed with the snail paced downloading in YouTube using a browser other than Google Chrome browser believe it, it is has been done intentionally and it could be slow at five times the speed while using Google browser.

The claims are not without reason and could be answered in the tweet by Mozilla’s Technical Program Manager, Chris Peterson ‘YouTube’s current architecture that includes Polymer is only available in Google Chrome, thus making it slower on Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge’. The YouTube’s polymer redesign depends on the deprecated Shadow DOM v0 API, which is also the current implementation in Google Chrome while Firefox and Edge browsers have Shadow DOM polyfills, which are slower than implements made by Google.

The strategy defines pushing users to Chrome which are with other browsers and it has been witnessed earlier by Google when the experience of using its sites and services was displeasing as few platforms were blocked on edge and few were blocked on Firefox.

Peterson suggested users on both Firefox browser and Edge to revert YouTube to a previous version using add-ons. There are few simple steps which could be used for different browsers to gain downloading the speed and overcome the impediment.

Here’s How to Fix it

Edge users need to download Tampermonkey from the Microsoft Store. Afterward, go to Settings, find the “extensions within edge” option, and enable Tampermonkey. Download this script to force YouTube to the classic mode.

Similarly, Safari users must download the Safari version of Tampermonkey. Click “Trust” when the browser brings up an installation prompt. Then, download the same script linked above to force YouTube to the classic mode.

Firefox users only need to download this YouTube Classic extension to force the site to load properly.

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