Google simplified the Chrome Remote Desktop by replacing desktop app with website


Remote computer has always been a tricky business which requires some third-party apps and accounts on them. However, to simplify this process, Google in December 2017 launched a service called the Chrome Remote Desktop on the web which is used to access another computer on a remote connection.

Till date, this service requires a desktop app to configure and start the service, but now, Google is removing this app to simplify the Remote Access. Now, users need to access remote computer via Chrome Remote Desktop needs only Chrome browser in their PC and need not to download and install any app. Google has replaced that app with a website where user can visit and access the remote desktop.

Google announced back then that it will be retiring the desktop app version of Chrome Remote Desktop but not it has given a hard date. The extension will no longer be supported after June 30, 2019. The web portal doesn’t replace the existing Chrome app, it just makes it a whole lot easier to use the feature, which is a blessed relief for anyone that’s ever had to talk their parents through a basic IT task.

Other than that, the process for setting it up is exactly the same. Those who want their computer to be controlled remotely will have to generate and send a unique PIN to authorize the connection. Google promises that it leverages the latest web technologies, which hints that it should be faster and more robust than before.

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