Google Revamps Cloud Storage Services as Google One with Cheaper Plans


In the latest move of the rebranding of its cloud storage to ‘Google One’, Google has now started allowing anyone in the US to sign up and not only for users already paying for their cloud storage service. Furthermore, Google has also significantly reduced the price of storage and would expand the services to other regions by notifying potential users once service starts in their region.

The attempt is more competitive based rather than expansion of services as Google is offering ‘plan’ with up to five other people in a single bill. Along with this several other benefits are also on the offer like Google Play credits and hotel deals found on Google Search.

All the efforts are made to compete with Apple’s iCloud service but this service would not be able to integrate Gmail and Google Photos whereas Google One could cater to this need making it more feasible for the users as storage could work for integration of services on the same platform.

The service in which users can pay a monthly fee to Google One for storage, which can be used with Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, expanding free allocations and providing more space for files.

The renaming process from Google drive which is Google’s cloud storage service to Google One took place around a year ago and following which Google has been slowly converting its consumer cloud storage customers over to Google One which is paid service.

The Google One plans start with 100 gigabytes of storage for $1.99, rising to $2.99 for 200 gigabytes and $9.99 for 2 terabytes, while higher capacities will still be available, but under the previous pricing. The new options may be seen as a better value to consumers wanting more storage, as 1 terabyte previously cost $9.99 per month, but the 100 gigabyte option could also be acquired for $11.99 per year before the rebranding effort.

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