Google Researchers Find Serious Security Flaws in iOS


Google’s Security Researchers have found six critical security vulnerability in the latest iOS update of Apple. These new critical issues were launched with the version number iOS 12.4 update. The update was released by Apple earlier this month.

Google has its own Security Researching department with a name Project Zero. The Bug hunting department’s engineers, Natalie Silvanovich and Samuel Groß have sent an alert message to Apple regarding these issues found in the update 12.4.

These issues are interactionless, this means they can be run by the users without any interactions. They exploit it through an iMessage client. The issue is using iMessage to spread malicious codes. These codes are being implemented to an unpatched iPhone and execute the malicious codes itself. Since it is interactionless, it doesn’t need a user’s interaction.

On this particular issue, Google has published proof of all these Vulnerabilities and Znet has also published all the useful information about it on their blogpost.

Apart from this, the other codes are focusing on the memory of the device. They exploit the memory storage of the device and execute this code there. The details of total five such bugs have been published online by Google’s researchers who are actively working on the latest patches released by the giants for their devices.

Apple is yet to check into the matter and has not released any statement about the same. The final bug will be confidential until it is addressed by Apple, the team is keeping the sixth bug secret for Apple to find it.

If you haven’t updated your iOS device with the latest iOS 12.4 update, you can now update it. Thankfully, Google’s team is actively checking for such bugs even if it is present on the platform of their rivals. They are good at helping people and we are blessed to have such giants on the platform.

All the details about these security issues will be discussed at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, next week. We will get to hear more about these serious issues from Apple in the coming days.

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