Google Removed “WWW” and “M” Subdomains in Chrome 69; How to Disable it?


URL has been a part of our internet life since it signifies the address of the website that we want to visit.  It also one of the great thing that users were looking for to look if it is some legit website or a fishy Phishing Website to steal your personal information. So wrapping up, not just a part of our browsing experience, URL has become important for a lot of people.

Recently, a lot of people were ranting against Google as they removed the WWW and M subdomains on their Chrome 69 updates. A lot of users and security experts believe that the removal of these subdomains will cause confusion to a lot of users who thinks that they are on the similar website, but in reality, they are not.

Not just confusion, it may also give hackers a new opportunity to look forward in making new phishing sites that will compromise a lot of personal information from the user. Many people believe that this update is just a huge bug all over the internet.

In line with these rants, a Google staffer has explained the reason behind this new update: “‘www’ is now considered a “trivial” subdomain, and hiding trivial subdomains can be disabled in flags (will also disable hiding the URL scheme)”.

A lot of people and security experts did not agree with this explanation, just like what a chrome bugs forum user wrote: “This is a dumb change. No part of a domain should be considered “trivial”. As an ISP, we often have to go to great lengths to teach users that “” and “” are two different domains and that they may not necessarily go to the same destination. The marketing world has done a lot of damage convincing people that “www” is both ubiquitous and non-essential, when in fact, for some domains, the use or lack of it can be quite important to getting to the correct location.”

It seems that it is not a good decision to strip off the subdomains as it may lead a lot of downsides from the users, especially the so-called “newbies” who doesn’t know anything about the internet’s structure and security.

But don’t worry, we will show you how to disable this stripping of trivial subdomains to get your chrome back from what it was before.  Just follow the steps below.

  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Enter chrome://flags/#omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state-url-scheme-and-subdomains into your address bar and press Enter.
  • Chrome will open a page showing the “Omnibox UI Hide Steay-State URL Scheme and Trivial Subdomains” setting.
  • Click the “Default” button and change this setting to “Disabled”.
  • Chrome will now display a prompt asking you to relaunch the browser for it to take effect.
  • Click the “Relaunch Now” button and chrome will restart.
  • Open the Chrome again, and the stripping of trivial subdomains has now been disabled.

That’s it, you can now see the WWW and M subdomains into your address bar.

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