Google Redesigned Desktop Search Option for News Tab


Google Search Engine’s result shows a variety of things including the latest news about a particular word or phrase you entered in the Search bar. When you search for something on Google, the search result will show you the News tab first. Well, Google has redesigned the Search News tab with a new interface.

The Google News Initiative’s official Google Account has shared this information on Twitter. As per the Tweet, they are launching the new redesigned Google News search results in different phases. The same update will be rolled out globally. The tweet also features a video of the redesigned search results of Google News. Check out the official Tweet from here.

The new update will add a particular link about news as a card. Each link will have a separate Card when you search for something. When you search for something on Google, the top news organization’s tabs will be presented to you in boxes. Other links will have their own cards individually.

Interestingly, this new Card-type feature will also let you see the preview of particular news even before you click its link. The above listed Tweet shows you everything about this new update which is quite innovative and useful for the users.

Not just common users, but publishers will also get a lot of benefits from this new redesigned interface of Google. For each news story, the Search Giant will add a blog link and the publisher’s name. The update will work like wonders for the publishers as it will help them to build a brand without doing much.

Additionally, the new Cart-type layout of Search Results News will display the full heading of the Article or News instead of showing a small headline. This will benefit the users who are looking for some good information without visiting multiple blogs.

As mentioned in the Tweet, the update rolls out gradually and it will be made available in every region of the world in the coming weeks. If you are lucky enough, then you may already have received this update. Just go to Google and search for something, you will be presented with a new layout.

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