Google Pixel 4 to come with Face Unlock, Soli-Powered Motion Sense Gestures


Earlier this month, Google has showcased the first images of its upcoming smartphone, Pixel 4 that gives the world idea of how actually the Google Pixel 4 looks like. However, at that time, the tech giant didn’t unfold the features that are going to be bundled with this flagship phone. But now, it looks like the tech giant is in the state to uncover some of the latest and advanced features of Google Pixel 4. 

Google has released a new teaser video of the Pixel 4 that confirms two of its most widely speculated features — face unlocks and air gestures. In the video titled as “(Don’t) hold the phone: new features coming to Pixel 4“, a woman is shown walking up in front of the phone, and surprisingly, the phone unlocks itself without even touching it. Thereafter, she proceeds to skip through songs by moving her hand over the front of the Pixel 4 without ever actually touching it.

Along with this 22 seconds teaser, Google also published a blog post that confirmed that these new features are powered by something the company is calling “Motion Sense.” However, to make the face unlock more secure and faster, Google has equipped this phone with dedicated hardware similar to that of Apple’s Face ID. All of the above, this all mechanism works on the advanced motion-sensing radar called Soli.

Soli was first shown off back at Google I/O 2015, however, none of the devices from Google got incorporated with this technology. There was a great haul that the Pixel 4 will come with Soli radar system, and now, Google itself confirmed this deal. Google Pixel 4 is the first device to come with the Soli motion-sensing radar. 

Pixel 4 will be the first device with Soli, powering our new Motion Sense features to allow you to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand. These capabilities are just the start, and just as Pixels get better over time, Motion Sense will evolve as well. Motion Sense will be available in select Pixel countries.

Last but not least, Google also noted in its blog post that this Motion Sense tech on Pixel 4 will only be available in the select Pixel countries. However, it didn’t mention the list of countries that are going to get this technology in Pixel 4. Also, it is unclear why the feature would be limited based on where the Pixel 4 is sold.

Meanwhile, Google also demonstrated how actually the face unlock will work on Pixel 4. 

Other phones require you to lift the device all the way up, pose in a certain way, wait for it to unlock, and then swipe to get to the homescreen. Pixel 4 does all of that in a much more streamlined way. As you reach for Pixel 4, Soli proactively turns on the face unlock sensors, recognizing that you may want to unlock your phone. If the face unlock sensors and algorithms recognize you, the phone will open as you pick it up, all in one motion. Better yet, face unlock works in almost any orientation—even if you’re holding it upside down—and you can use it for secure payments and app authentication too.

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