Google Photos will now let you teach its AI about photo content, animations, collages, and other


A new update for Google Photos on Android will now give users the possibility to train Google’s AI by assigning labels and other preferences to photos, reports The Verge. Thanks to this new update, users will be able to show Google’s AI algorithm their preferred collages and animations, describe their printing preferences for photos, and identify the contents of photos.

The new feature comes in the most recent version of Google Photos for Android and is, of course, optional. It’s accessible when you tap on “Help improve Google Photos” and therefore can help Google make Photos more useful, with improved recognition algorithms.

When you tap on the new feature, you will be greeted by four options: to describe your printing preferences for photos, to tell Google your preferred animations and collages, to identify which photos belong to which holiday event, and to identify the contents of photos. The latter is done by naming the most important things in the photo in question.

Google states that it may take time for your contribution to show on your account; however, your input will help Google build new features, improve existing ones for you to find Google Photos more useful. Google additionally says that you can delete your answers at any time. At the moment, this is available only for Google Photos on Android and is not yet available on iOS.




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