Google Patented a Foldable Smartphone Just Like a Book


The era of smartphones is evolving every passing day and we are getting new and innovative smartphones every single day by different manufacturers. We all know that most of the Smartphones manufacturers are working on their foldable smartphones. However, we were not aware of Google’s own Foldable Smartphone until now. Well, Google has just patented its own Foldable Smartphone which is a book.

Yes, Google’s new upcoming Smartphone could be the revolutionary Book-type Smartphone. The phone can be folded like a book. You can see how the idea will be implemented in the patent filed by Google. Check it for yourself now!

Google has filed a new Foldable Smartphone’s Patent with the World Intellectual Property Office. This will be the company’s new foldable device with multiple screens. Yes, there will be more than two displays on this device as we can see in the Patent image which could be used just like a digital book.

If we talk more about this device, the phone will be using multiple displays. The displays will be AMOLED ones which will be held together just like the pages of a book. The other essential components like battery, processor etc will be kept on the back of the phone.

We could see five displays in the Patent image so we can expect at least five AMOLEDs on the phone. The front and rear panels will be the main displays to see the content of the phone. We will be able to use both the displays simultaneously. This looks like an impossible task; however, it is filed by Google and we are known to their track record. They always bring something innovative to set new benchmarks in the technology market.

Well, this is just a patent filed by Google. We are certainly not sure whether the giant will work on such a smartphone or not. Google produces its own displays and they are looking for a companion who can work with them for their future phones.

If we talk more about Google’s ideas, they have already spoken about the foldable screens at the I/O 2019. Now, we are hoping to get more information from Google regarding their innovative Foldable screens and Foldable smartphone.

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