Google Now Lets Your iPhones Use as Security Keys


Google is not just a Search Engine but its a platform that offers a variety of services to make your lives easier. The company has been experimenting with new technologies to bring the best of security on the digital platform.

Google’s services are easy-to-use and they are protected with passwords and other security features. The same company lets third-party apps and services to use their features with a single-sign in option.

In order to make their services even better with more security features, Google has a separate Advanced Protection Program. The Advanced Protection Program of Google allows you to harden your Google Accounts on Android and now iOS devices as well. Yes, if you have an iOS device, you can use it just like a new Security Key.

The new Advanced Protection Program from Google is designed for high-risk users. There are some users who are not protected even if they have enabled the two-factor authentication on their devices. They can now use Android and iOS devices as external security keys to protect their Google Accounts.

Many high-class professionals such as journalists, business leaders, politicians etc.’ accounts are not safe. Hackers and online threats are constantly attacking on such accounts who have great risks.

Initially, the Google’s program required the physical security key to safeguard such accounts such as Titan Security Key which is officially backed by Google. The team behind the APP is trying hard to bring more security features for such accounts.

Previously, only Android users were allowed to make use of Google’s Advanced Protection Program. But now, Google has opened up the doors of their Security program for iOS devices also. Yes, if you have an iPhone, you can simply start using this program by enrolling with it. You just need to enroll yourself to their program by entering your device’s details and your personal details.

In order to use this program, iPhone users must have to install the Google Smart Lock app on their respective device. You can connect your iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth connection to PC. Remember, this program is exclusively designed to protect your Google account only. This method works only if you have your phone with you.

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