Google News Receives Audio News Feeds to the Google Assistant


If you are fond of reading the latest news from across the globe using Google’s News app, then here’s a special treat from Google for you. Google News gets a new Your News Update that is created for you to provide you with audio news with the help of the Google Assistant.

This new Your News Update feature has been rolled to Google Assistant. So whenever you launch Google Assistant app on your Android device, you would see a new feature called Your News Update. You can enable this feature by going to the Settings menu from the Assistant app.

When you open the Settings menu, you would see News section right there. You can take full control of the News section using the Google Assistant. You can change your News Format from Playing Songs to Reading News using Google Assistant.

The new Your News Update feature rolled out to the US and will be available soon for all. The feature is just released so could take several days. If you are not able to find it under the Settings Menu, you are requested to check for the same feature frequently within the Assistant app.

This new Audio News Update is completely different from what your current audio news feature. This new update speaks out the latest news as per the users’ interest, your geolocation and search history. You can also add your preferences with which Google Assistant will learn out things and curate a list of news for you.

Once you setup the new feature, you could start hearing the latest news just by speaking “Hey Google play me the news.” The longer you hear, the more updates you will get from the Google assistant. This feature is indeed very helpful to those who really want to keep themselves updated with what’s happening around the world.

Instead of listening to the boring playlist which you listen to regularly, you could get the latest news update from Google with this new feature. The same update will be rolled out to more countries in the coming weeks.

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